If jack skellington can take off his head, how can he die?

Posted by: GeeWillikers

And in the movie, sally accidentally poked him with a sewing needle, and it hurt?!

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Stop messing with mah mind!

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Or if you have a logical explanation, answer here

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By being killed by another immortal

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If his bones are broken

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IAlwaysWinDebates says2014-05-12T11:29:42.8282057-05:00
Well I did put what I thought then pressed just add vote I am dumb.
GeeWillikers says2014-05-13T21:23:41.1413777-05:00
I hate when that happens
GeeWillikers says2014-05-13T21:25:11.6465109-05:00
@Actionsspeak yeah he's a cartoon and as surreal as cartoons are, they CAN die and in the movie, he can get hurt with a sewing needle(omg maybe thats how he dies)
GeeWillikers says2014-05-20T11:08:27.7034356-05:00
@Muttl200 in the beginning of the movie, jack skellington is on fire. That scarecrow was him. And for the other people who answered" Or if you have a logical explanation, answer here" the point of that is to actually answer it, not to just say that you have an answer.

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