If Joe Biden runs in 2020, would he have a shot at winning the election?

Posted by: ABG

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SamanthatheConservative says2016-12-09T01:48:17.9650029Z
Lmfao! Hell no. Libtards won't win the presidency again in a long time.
imabench says2016-12-09T03:30:33.7651347Z
Hey dipshit, Democrats have gotten more votes than Republicans have in 6 of the last 7 presidential elections. Try putting those 4 functioning brain cells to good use for once
jo154676 says2016-12-09T12:53:26.1922168Z
Hmm well probably not because he didnt do anything while he was in office, and he could have been replaced with a broken stapler and nobody would know the difference. All depends on who the republicans run against him. Also I find it funny how a liberal says a ham and cheese sandwich could beat Trump even though "the most qualified candidate ever" Hillary Clinton lost to him.
imabench says2016-12-10T06:19:34.2008670Z
Thats cause she ran in an election where heavy experience in high levels of government suddenly became a bad thing among legions of the more ill-informed voters.
Mharman says2016-12-10T13:08:56.5427169Z
That's because people finally got tired of the corruption of career politicians.
Donderpants says2016-12-14T07:43:04.6347662Z
+Mharman Sure, I get the desire to avoid corruption. But considering how absolutely none of the countless FBI claims the Republican's aimed at Clinton succeeded, she was likely one of the least corrupt politicians we've ever had anywhere close to the White House. Instead, we have a corrupt non-politician. Big whoop.

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