If John tells Matt to kill himself, and Matt did kill himself after John told him to, did John commit murder or did Matt commit suicide?

Posted by: fo0ling_official

  • Murder

  • Suicide

17% 6 votes
83% 30 votes
  • Ethically, John influenced Matt's belief that he needs to kill himself. Sure Matt could've not killed himself, but if he killed himself on just someone saying "Kill yourself" they were thinking about doing it anyways or they were swayed strong enough to actually do it. Since John said "Kill yourself" it influenced Matt's belief that he has to kill himself which is considered murder. It was the influence not the result that is unethical. Judicially, this would be considered murder if they saw evidence of John saying "kill yourself" and Matt did. John would be convicted of murder.

  • Both. He factually killed himself yes, But John influenced him into doing it so it is also indirect murder.

  • Suicide is inherently, unless under extreme external duress, a personal decision. Calling the encouragement of others murder, while it's certainly unpleasant, is a downright silly oversimplification of psychology and human interaction.

  • It's not illegal to tell someone to kill them self.

  • He didn't have to kill himself. He could have chose not to...

  • This is a ridiculous question.

  • he did not murder him, he did not force him to do it, it was his own choice to kill himself.

  • If John tells Matt to go buy and apple and then Matt buys an apple, did John buy the apple? No. Matt had a choice of whether or not to go buy the apple, John had nothing to do with it. Sure, John played a very prominent role in Matt buying the apple, but John did not have Matt at gunpoint, forcing him to buy the apple.

  • Matt could've written John off as a stupid person with very poor conduct, ignore him, and keep living his life.

  • Clearly Matt undertook suicide - the question is whether John was a murderer. Assuming Matt's suicide was entirely motivated by John's speech, John did not cause Matt's death directly. However, his action was still immoral. If an elderly person slips on a wet floor and dies from their injuries, is it the janitor's fault for not drying the floor? Technically yes, but you wouldn't call them a murderer.

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jgal5065 says2016-10-31T09:41:41.9106131Z
*the encouragement of others suicides
ZenekPr0 says2016-10-31T12:18:34.9520741Z
Suicide, otherwise every suicide is in fact murder.
madness says2016-11-01T14:24:20.0736485Z
It's not illegal to tell someone to kill them self.
Huitzilopochtli says2016-11-08T23:41:44.6692744Z
This depends entirely upon two variables; whether or not John wanted Matt to die, and whether or not he intended for his statement to have an effect. These two make up "intent." If John did possess intent, and Matt kills himself, while the old argument (Post hoc ergo propter hoc) tells us that they are not necessarily related by logic, if and only if John did not presume his action to have an effect, it merely amounts to the same thing as somebody wishing to a star-- In this instance, John took an action out of the desire to see Matt dead, and Matt died; please note, however, that it is not distinguished whether or not John believed his action could have caused Matt's death. In any case, if he did not, he would merely have been exercising free speech. However, if john does presume his action to have an effect, however small, he may be judged by the result. Hear me, he may be JUDGED by the result-- whether or not he is guilty of murder, and to what degree, is not for us, but the courts.
Write247365 says2017-08-30T17:55:40.5227670Z
If someone tells you to slap yourself, you have the choice to do it or not. Doesn't matter how serious the situation, its always YOUR choice. It was Matt's final choice in the end if he were to take his life, you ALWAYS have a choice. John merely hit Matt's emotions, nothing more. You can't control what others say to you, but you can control how you react. If we imprison people for words, one day you will go to jail for offending a minority. It only gets worse from here.

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