If mutants like the X-men were real, do you belive that we should register them?

Posted by: Mr.Ama-zing

Yes the classic superhero question is being placed in play

  • Yes

  • No

86% 6 votes
14% 1 votes
  • I believe that mutants like the X-Men should be registered under law, only if they have a law permitting that you cannot refuse a mutant for a job or any high government such as a governor and president. Also there must be a law clamming that only you can poll up this information if it for security reasons, for example if someone died and if they believed a man did it, they are able to see if the man has mutant powers. Also we must also have a jail for these mutants

  • They have powers that can cause vast mayhem and death? Nah man. Wouldn't want to offend them or anything...

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