If overpopulation decreases the value of human life, then does abortion not increase the value of human life by default?

Posted by: cludwig

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No, this statement is completely false

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No, this statement is somewhat false

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Yes, this statement is somewhat true

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Yes, this statement is absolutely true

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donald.keller says2015-04-18T16:00:04.6416696-05:00
That's not how the value of human life works... And abortion isn't comparable in any way to overpopulation, not even as an opposite. They are entirely different topics. Also, no one says overpopulation decreases the value of human life.
cludwig says2015-04-18T16:11:26.0677650-05:00
@donald.Keller - it is frightening notion to believe that overpopulation could cause a decrease in the value of human beings, but it is a fact that overpopulation leads to a drop in human rights. Imagine if the human population on the Earth was to be 25 Billion people; likely more than half of them would be starving to death. We may in our lofty ideals wish them to be of equal value (and I acknowledge that their suffering would be equal to that of anyone else's), but "values" change when stomachs are empty and basic needs aren't met.
Stefy says2015-04-18T17:51:39.2007310-05:00
While i disagree that overpopulation decreases the value of human life because that is illogical, if we let people get abortions maybe we could drlay overpopulation and be able to save many more lives in the future that are already born.
thatoneguyyouonceknew says2015-04-18T19:52:44.8311290-05:00
Statement is a double negative question. Answers are unclear.

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