If possible should we bring back the mammoths?

Posted by: komododragon8


  • Yes

  • No

62% 16 votes
38% 10 votes
  • By bringing back extinct animals, we can learn about animal extinction and how to prevent it. We can learn more about genetics and climate change. Nevertheless, humans are not the only reason mammoths became extinct, climate change much like what is happening to polar bears greatly influenced this phenomenon. Therefore, it is important for scientists responsible to understand the correct environment to raise these creatures.

    Posted by: ART55
  • Of course. They are basically elephants, they could be useful for something.

    Posted by: Gabe1e
  • maybe for zoos but not into the ecosystem

  • Elephant love bias...

  • For science! No further justification is needed for anything,

  • Why not? If we get the genes of the mammuth we could convert it into an cell and add the x or y chromosome and fertilise it with a converted egg in the elephant.

    Posted by: Lukas8
  • The Russians have room for them over there in Siberia. Why not.

  • It depends on if you believe in evolution or god.

  • They're gone. There is no reason to. Waste of money, time and will likely screw up the ecosystem.

  • Expensive and does not help anybody. THey will probably go extinct again since the diseases are different. Climate change helped killing the Mamoths back in the old days and that was just Natural climate change. Imagine now.

  • It goes against GOD. Its one of the most immoral things one can think of

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Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-11-17T20:09:57.5784563-06:00
What does that have to deal with it Max?
PetersSmith says2014-11-17T20:12:56.6710483-06:00
Comrade_Silly_Otter: Don't provoke him, he's a super troll.
Max.Wallace says2014-11-18T19:00:19.1747085-06:00
We should bring them back because Global Warming is a lie, and we will need cattle to eat when the Ice Age returns!! LOL!!!!!! You bunch of Al Goralytes suck.
Max.Wallace says2014-11-18T19:01:46.8183175-06:00
Thanks for the compliment @petersmith. Now bring your army to kill. The trolls that is, you make believe hobbit.
Max.Wallace says2014-11-18T19:03:08.4557340-06:00
Wally World Pharmacy is jumping all over this one. FYI.
whtttttttt says2014-11-21T22:19:56.7943634-06:00
First of all its not possible and second of all why would we do it. It would make no sense. Yes, they were cool beings that lived long ago, but I just don't see any reason to. If they decide to bring mammoths back then why not dinosaurs why there at it. I mean seriously.

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