If religious people can preach in the streets about the word of god and why should follow him, can atheist preach in the streets the non-existense of god and why you shouldn't follow him

Posted by: kain_kaggabe

Religious people can preach their beliefs so why can't atheist people preach their non-beliefs

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Yes, it's freedom of speech

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No, it's wrong to denounce people's religion

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Due to my wording of the options non of these options apply to you

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Gareth_BM says2016-12-11T14:10:48.3336117Z
Heirio "Promoting a religion via preaching is basically like "My religion is great, you should follow it!". Insults to certain demographics may or may not be mixed in, but what I just referred to is the focal point here. Atheism is not a religion but rather a lack thereof. Thus, to promote atheism, one has to bash religion. Promotion of religion doesn't necessarily need the bashing of people, but the promotion of atheism requires the bashing of religion. Both should be allowed, since they're both freedoms of speech. But the preaching of atheism is more of a dick move." Seeing as the two largest religions in the world, Christianity and Islam, both claim they are the one true religion and that anyone following another religion or a lack there of you could as easily argue that promoting either religion is insulting to all other belief systems as by claiming that religion is true as you claim their people will burn in hell for disagreeing with you. I'm sure you'll agree that it is ridiculous to consider claiming your religion is true is offensive but that is effectively the precedent you have set up. Further more I would not consider telling someone you disagree with them as being offensive.

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