If someone breaks into your house should you have the rights to kill this said person?

Posted by: SHHSJacobKang

  • Yes

  • No

80% 32 votes
20% 8 votes
  • have the RIGHT to? Yes. Youre not OBLIGATED to kill them, but it should certainly be an option

  • If there was a right, this would ultimately deter individuals from breaking into people's homes

  • Absolutely so. Self defense and defense of property are essential.

  • These days theres no time to wait to see someones intentions

  • Best to just bend over and pretend nothings happening...

  • If someone enters your house without your permission, they most likely serve as a threat to you and/or your love ones. Killing another person in self-defense is always justified, and sometimes simply inevitable.

  • I believe you should have the right to kill this person. ONLY if they threaten you or your family as in " i am going to kill you blah blah blah"

  • Yes, but only if you are in danger of great bodily harm or death.

  • I wouldn't say kill him or them,but just break about every bone in their bodies,you could kill one just to show the others you're not messing around.

  • I'd go for incapacitate, unless it was self-defense and he actually tried to kill me.

    Posted by: yay842
  • No one should have the right. Ever. However, in cases one should be able to plea for special circumstances afterwards.

  • Not unless he's carrying a weapon, but I'd be likely too either way.

  • Only if they attack me or are brandish a weapon. Breaking and entering itself is not justification to use lethal force--further proof of the imminence of the threat is required.

    Posted by: bsh1
  • Only if they attempt to kill you. You should use equal or lesser force.

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