If someone didn't want to talk about ferguson would you beat them up?

Posted by: Dilara

In St. Louis a white 43 year old man was riding a train when a group of 20 year old black men asked him what he thought of the Michael brown shooting. He told them that he was too tired to talk about it. In response they punched him and kicked him.

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Dilara says2015-03-29T19:09:09.8654029-05:00
And they're re enforcing negative stereotypes about black people. Not only did they beat someone up they've also made things harder for other African Americans.
Dilara says2015-03-29T19:59:11.7193171-05:00
Well said cludwig
Stefy says2015-03-29T21:21:57.6348507-05:00
This isolated incident does not even come close to summarizing the whole black lives matter movement. Your usual arguments are so bad you have to make yourself feel like your right by having people obviously say no to this question this is a complete red herring. Saying this is wrong does not mean your against black lives matter. The movement is largley very peaceful. And you know what? Yeah. They should'nt have done this or be beating people up. Ferguson cops shouldnt be ordering racial profiling and cops shouldnt be killing black children and adults at epedemic levels. I believe the only one who sees this incident and connects ot with black stereotypes are racist people who already have that stereotyprs as one of their prevelent ideas towards the black community. Having to explain to their kids that they have a higher chance of bring killed due to their skin color makes things harder for African americans. Not a traincar fight so stop pretending you care about that community because you dont you only care about making the white community seem like the victims that they aren't.
Dilara says2015-03-30T16:39:59.5269603-05:00
Stefy. For the love of god stop watching msnbc and learn some facts. Black people are being killed on epidemic levels...By other black people. According to the fbi 93% of the 7000 murderers of black people a year are committed by other black people. Only 100 of those murderers are done by cops. 7000 black people killed by Black people verses 100 black people killed by cops. I totally understand how cops harass black people more so than anyone else (I imagine Arabs and Hispanics also get harassed a lot) I know many black people and they've told me about times the were followed around in stores by security or cops simply because they are black. In terms of murderer gangs are more of a threat to Black loves than anything else. A black person is 7000 times more likely to be killed by a black gangster than some white cop. If you cared about Blake people you would march over to Chicago and do something about the hundreds of black on black gang related murderers that that city sees every year. And when it comes to interracial killings white people are more likely to be killed by black people than black people are to be killed by white people. 400 murderers or white people by black people a year and 100 murderers of Black people by white people a year. 400 vs 100. And when it comes to violent crime there are 320,000 black on white violent crimes and 60,000 white on black violent crimes a year. Since there are 200 million white people and 40 million black people in America black person is 25 more times to assault a white person than a white person is to assault a black person.
Spectre2 says2015-03-31T08:57:16.4746904-05:00
Don't bother dilara. Stefy is just the average brainwashed liberal. He either hasn't seen the truth or has refused it
Dilara says2015-03-31T20:41:06.8685639-05:00
He hasn't replied because I've proven him wrong with facts while all he has are some propaganda myths.
YamaVonKarma says2015-03-31T20:42:02.8022991-05:00
Dilara, please ignore what Specter says. He's lost his speaking privileges.
Dilara says2015-03-31T20:48:34.4508779-05:00
Spectre is right though. I doubt either of then will reply. If they do it will be to admit that they've been proven wrong.

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