If Something Is Considered "Unnecessary" Does That Mean It Doesn't Exist?

Posted by: pozessed

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pozessed says2013-09-14T09:38:30.2720795-05:00
@Yay. That's exactly what I hope people will realize if they answer the question.
Skeptikitten says2013-09-14T21:05:15.9540712-05:00
Which doesn't apply to "gods" because you don't even have a shred of evidence one exists on top of its unnecessary status.
Juan_Pablo says2013-09-15T20:41:04.2884355-05:00
Of course not! The universe is unnecessary - yet it exist. Unnecessary things frequently do exist.
pozessed says2013-09-15T21:11:13.2259727-05:00
The fact that nothing can come from something "outside of particle physics", is proof enough that a God is possible. Physics explains how something pops into our existence, it doesn't claim that what popped into our existence came from another dimension of existence, which logically makes sense... Seeing as something can't come from literally nothing. I'm sorry you don't grasp the logic.

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