If Tanks, missiles, and modern weaponry were not invented would humans have found a substitute for them ?

Posted by: scots

So if none of these weapons of mass destruction were created would humans find things similar to them?

  • Yes, Humans would find things equal to the modern weaponry we have today. (If they weapons did not exist)

  • No, Humans would not find things equal to our modern weaponry. (If they did not exist)

83% 10 votes
17% 2 votes
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PetersSmith says2015-04-14T19:11:42.6271200-05:00
Tanks are weapons of mass destruction?
scots says2015-04-14T19:15:06.0940071-05:00
Well yes for they do a lot of destruction and is a very effective killing machine. Really just asking about any modern weaponry though
Trustmeinlying says2015-04-17T09:26:17.8965938-05:00
Are you sure you know what a WMD is @scots
scots says2015-04-17T13:52:15.3165648-05:00
@trustmeinlying tanks I know are not considered WMD but really just was asking about Modern Weaponry
CannedBread says2015-04-19T18:20:34.9334763-05:00
What if America didn't have a government would we have like no military, like what?

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