If the DDO December 2015 election was held today, who would you vote for?

Posted by: lannan13

  • Bsh1

  • Wylted

50% 8 votes
50% 8 votes
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imabench says2016-02-14T01:08:41.4544634Z
Vox_Veritas says2016-02-14T01:15:14.9745534Z
...Can we please not do this?
triangle.128k says2016-02-14T01:24:56.0270518Z
Wylted won the last election; airmax was just too arrogant to count votes that were literally 10 seconds late.
Death23 says2016-02-14T01:25:14.9191362Z
Wylted should have won. The votes were counted incorrectly by Airmax.
Wylted says2016-02-14T01:35:42.8352362Z
Lannan liter ally told me he would vote for me over BSH1 for a third term, but just voted for BSH1
Diqiucun_Cunmin says2016-02-14T02:12:08.0347622Z
@What Vox said. Let's just stop fighting over this issue, eh?
U.n says2016-02-14T03:15:45.0432663Z
Oh, the interesting politics I just learned.
Mister_Man says2016-02-14T05:01:06.6166317Z
Maybe I'm late to the show, but I thought we abolished the presidency? If we didn't, they have next to zero impact on the site other than the elections producing something fun to do for a month or so.
Anonymous says2016-02-14T05:10:08.1617662Z
If any of you remember one thing about Wylted's dark past it is that he is an abolitionists. Way back when a year or so ago Wylted began to express how he and other DDO presidency abolitionists should attempt to weed out and nullify the presidency. So why would you elect him as your president? It is likely under his presidency he would just abolish it.
PericIes says2016-02-15T07:49:57.8193088Z
I would prefer that we don't have one leader. A council or something would be nice.
gateboy6 says2016-02-16T00:22:04.4661593Z
lannan13 says2016-02-16T00:27:23.3946037Z
Lol, we still have the Presidency.
Formerland1 says2016-05-25T03:17:40.9728970Z
Imabench is still at it , that's good to see.

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