If the Internet was an actual country, do you think it would be a dangerous country?

Posted by: Foodiesoul

The Internet isn't actually a country but it has many issues that would make it a dangerous country in my opinion. Sex-crazed perverts, intense cyberbullying, hackers, psychotic trolls, stupid sexists and racists, intense death threats, extreme attacks, emphasis on small, unimportant things, anonymous catfishes, sexting and sextortion, public child porn and beastiality videos, and so much more!

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Yes, the Internet would be a very dangerous country if actually a country.

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No, the Internet would not be a dangerous country if actually a country.

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triangle.128k says2016-07-22T07:19:30.5311564Z
This poll is retarded, just like Foodiesoul.
Axonly says2016-07-22T10:13:07.8292642Z
About as fascinating as the first time you said it. Regardless, you shouldn't flame.
cyber_onions says2016-12-15T01:31:24.2362122Z
Yes and No. Like any country, the internet would have bad and good places, places that are dangerous and best avoided, and places that would be nice to visit. It depends where in the internet you'd go.
cyber_onions says2016-12-15T01:33:44.3563104Z
It's probably also worth remembering that all the perverts, trolls and extremists live in the real world too, so whether the internet would be dangerous or not would be a reflection of the real world (perhaps distorted through the 'freedom' of perceived anonymity and distance)

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