If we had the 2016 US Presidential elections today who would you vote for?

Posted by: lthroux

Presidential elections poll.

Poll closed on 7/10/2014 at 12:00AM.
  • Ted Cruz

  • Elizabeth Warren

53% 8 votes
47% 7 votes
  • Elizabeth Warren strikes me as slightly narrow in her ambitions, and slightly mis-focused on her priorities. While LGBT rights, abortion rights, and environmental reform are important, they are not the immediate issues facing America, and she seems to have little to say on greater issues such as radical Islam, national security, or domestic policy, instead banking on an an almost demagogue-ish condemnation for what she sees as Republican attacks on women, homosexuals, and students. Additionally, advocates for the poor are important, but I e would enjoy more involvement of these opinions with economics itself, instead of emotional appeals against Capitalism and in favor of increased Government spending. Ted Cruz is certainly not the most senior, experienced, or, in my opinion, correct potential Republican candidate, but his issues click with me as more important: the preservation of liberty and security, while also ensuring strong American clout overseas. He is a member of the new faction of conservatives, more libertarian than neo-conservative. Overall, he seems a better option than the Senator from Massachusetts.

  • I would vote for Mr. Cruz because he is less of a socialist. We do not need anymore left wing tax and spenders to reduce the middle class any further then they have. As far as Ms. Warrens living as a poor person, it only means that she loves to pander to the fat and lazy with promises of taxing others so lazy idiots can profit while contributing nothing.

  • Don't like either, but I'd take far-right over far left.

    Posted by: t_81
  • She can sympathize with the poor. She lived as a poor person. She lived paycheck to paycheck swimming in debt while working as a waitress and went to college and knows what she's doing. She's not a rich politician that has had everything handed down to her/him. Ted Cruz cannot even compare to her on levels of understanding the American struggle and her intelligence on policies.

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Vere_Mendacium says2014-07-06T22:24:31.2041387-05:00
lifemeansevolutionisgood says2014-07-06T22:26:29.9677000-05:00
Neil degrasse Tyson!
ProfessorLiberty says2014-07-06T23:22:15.4400085-05:00
Rand Paul
SweetTea says2014-07-07T06:51:55.5625625-05:00
I wouldn't let Ted Cruz walk my dog!
Fight4Liberty says2014-07-07T09:41:20.6346567-05:00
I dislike both.
Haroush says2014-07-07T11:35:14.9650325-05:00
If I HAD TO pick between these two, it would be Ted Cruz. I doubt this will be the scenario anyway.
HammerPairUSMC says2014-07-07T23:51:36.2499974-05:00
If this is the choices come election i am moving to Germany!
Haroush says2014-07-08T08:36:43.8001488-05:00
Lmao at Hammer! HAhaha!

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