If witches and wizards existed, how would you view them?

Posted by: captainsparrow

  • Fear

  • Reverence

38% 6 votes
62% 10 votes
  • Being able to perform magic is awe-inspiring.

  • Good, people who take matters into their own hands and don't waste their own time. Mind over matter.

  • Everyone portrays magic as something evil because that's how tv portrays them. Who are we to say that they could in fact be good. Magic such as healing and stoping wars could very much be a benefit to society.

  • People that are apparently seen as "demons", "witches" etc. Are pretty chill people in my opinion, as long as you don't take my cat for any weird stuff, you and me could get along just fine.

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Gareth_BM says2016-11-25T21:28:20.5853740Z
If it existed magic would be just another tool. It doesn't matter what tool you use its the result that matters.
captainsparrow says2016-11-26T18:53:46.0572497Z
@Forthelulz Why abhorrence?
Forthelulz says2016-11-26T21:03:32.9255260Z
@captainsparrow They are clearly sufficiently different from humans to be labeled as "nonhuman scum". End of discussion.
captainsparrow says2016-11-26T21:48:56.5781852Z
@Forthelulz Being different is not always a negative thing.
captainsparrow says2016-12-07T01:08:51.7314366Z
@debateaholic99 📺 portrays both the good and evil aspects of magic. Magic in itself is neutral.

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