If you are given an option to clone yourself and live together with that clone, would you do it?

Posted by: kack

Why and why not

  • YES

  • NO

55% 11 votes
45% 9 votes
  • If they are exactly the same as I am now, yeah. I'd send them to work while I don't do anything, then once they've generated enough money by going to school and working and buying and all that, I'd set him free and ship him to Europe to live his own life. However this would probably cause loads of complications and people I don't know would come up to me and talk about something and look like an idiot.

  • The only upside would be I get double votes at the elections. The only downside would be: how?

  • A clone of me is not 'me'. It strictly speaking only has my genetics, nit my memories or personality, so it may not end up being even a little similar to me. Considering it's basically making a brand new person from scratch, what exactly is the point of this exercise?

  • If this was a psychological duplicate, no. I may not be able to live with myself. However, there is a chance that I'd be crazy about myself, in which case I would become addicted to myself and be miserable when I could no longer see myself. I would probably hate myself. This describes me: "once you get to know me you will find me to be a sarcastic duchebag, and like an onion, you'll start to peel back the layers, but finding the same thing each time, until you cry."

  • Certainly not.

  • I can't stand myself. Its why I invent other people to be with me when I'm alone.

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Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-11-07T19:10:50.1269369-06:00
That would entirely depend the situation I would currently be living in. If it was now, No. Nooo. The attention it would bring and an extra mouth to feed would not be good.
Formerland1 says2014-11-07T19:11:34.9556951-06:00
You could use them for work .
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-11-07T19:13:08.5580951-06:00
Not really, its already hard enough to find jobs. Nothing in this posts suggests you have complete control over the clone, so what would prevent them from saying no in the first place?
Formerland1 says2014-11-07T20:02:29.8894665-06:00
Oh . In Canada we have severe worker shortage , we are importing workers from the phielpines en masse. Also my clone would be smart enough aand like minded enough to do work .I am in school so we could split the work load .
Formerland1 says2014-11-07T20:03:15.0823768-06:00
If I had a bunch we'd reverse engineer the tech and build a self replication colony somewhere .
Gustav_Adolf_II says2014-11-07T23:09:20.1194729-06:00
Would my clone have the same memories and personality as me?
carriead20 says2014-11-10T15:32:02.0837470-06:00
Mister_Man: If he was like you wouldn't he want to send you to do work while he does nothing?
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-11-10T17:49:57.5967342-06:00
I would f*** me. How would that work out?
heyfur_1213 says2014-11-10T17:55:46.9181193-06:00
Lmao @Otter ! I think I'd do that too.
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-11-10T19:00:05.3522226-06:00
Small argument on who's top..
carriead20 says2014-11-10T20:16:12.2757202-06:00
You are on top Otter!
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-11-10T20:28:03.3465841-06:00
carriead20 says2014-11-10T20:30:12.6377265-06:00
But clones are identical to the original. So who do I mean when I say you?
heyfur_1213 says2014-11-10T20:31:33.6353442-06:00
Top, bottom, side, why not all ! Lmao..
carriead20 says2014-11-10T20:33:00.3823759-06:00
See, Otter, Heyfur knows how to do it.
Jingram994 says2014-11-11T00:33:56.4659461-06:00
Clones are only genetically identical to the original. Identical twins is a very good example of how we already deal with this sort of issue; each is an individual person. Referring to 'me' means *me*, the person that the clones' genes were taken from. The clone itself is a brand new person who just happens to share my genetic code. They don't necessarily have any similarities to me beyond that.
YellowPandaBear says2014-11-19T10:27:34.4991735-06:00
It's, not its, sorry

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