If you are Pro-Life, then are you Anti-War?

Posted by: ramm55

Think about it, first.

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ramm55 says2015-08-31T00:21:24.5528343Z
Varrack: EXCUSE. Either you are committed to your convictions or you are a talking head, so you are a woman hating talkinghead. You only want to bully women and run from advisories and let everybody else fight your fake convictions and battles.
ramm55 says2015-08-31T00:22:41.2288003Z
Teaparty1 No it doesn't "depend" Either you are a PRO LIFE or you are a liar.
Varrack says2015-08-31T00:27:29.9142023Z
Ramm, nice ad hominem attack.
Varrack says2015-08-31T00:27:55.2145191Z
Your ad hominems are amusing.
ramm55 says2015-08-31T15:29:27.8565533Z
Varrack If i were to ad hominem you , you would be dumbfounded [pun intended]. You have said nothing to back your conviction which is a dichotomy and you do nothing but talk, you are of the ilk who hate women, and are an armchair warrior and do not think for yourself...None of that is untrue nor ad hominem. Ad Hominem would be to say you are an ignorant stone . I didn't not call you a name. No Sire you are amusing because you are "devout' in your beliefs, but don't know why. Cannot back you reason and logic and cannot articulate yourself. That could be construed as amusing but no it is sad. This is what Republicans call"Useless Idiots" Not i mind you. If you want to correct my assessment I humbly concede.
Varrack says2015-08-31T20:29:09.7486211Z
@ramm55 - I am very happy to correct your assessment. An ad hominem is defined as "an argument or reaction directed against a person rather than the position they are maintaining". I declared my position, and instantly you called me a woman-hater and have thrown multiple insults at me when I have said nothing derogatory toward you. It is a personal attack used in an attempt to discredit an argument, which is logically fallacious.

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