If you could create two political parties to replace the current ones, what would they be?

Posted by: Cowboy0108

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The Two Party System Sucks Party

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Marxist–Leninist Party and Maoist Communist Party

Marxism-Leninism is a political ideology combining Marxism with Vladimir Lenin's concepts of imperialism, democratic centralism, and shift in revolutionary focus from developed countries to undeveloped countries. Marxism-Leninism was the official id... eology of the Soviet Union and served as the founding ideology for subsequent Communist states and the Comintern; as such, in popular discourse, the term "Communism" is often used to mean Marxism-Leninism and its derivatives.The core object of Marxism-Leninism is the creation of a socialist state - and ultimately a worldwide communist society - through the leadership of a vanguard party composed of "professional" revolutionaries, under the justification that a highly organized group of revolutionaries is necessary for the success and safeguarding of the revolution - which itself represents a "dictatorship of the proletariat".In practice, Marxism-Leninism rejects political pluralism in favor of democratic centralism and single-party control in order to provide a unified base of leadership for the working class and the revolution. In Marxist-Leninist states, the ruling Communist party acts as the supreme political institution and the prime force of societal organization. Marxist-Leninist states are associated with centrally-planned economies, but in recent decades, Marxist-Leninist states have embraced market economies and mixed economies such as the socialist market economy model used in the People's Republic of China and Socialist Republic of Vietnam   more
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Federalist and AntiFederalist

Federalists support the national government Antifederalists support states rights
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Anarcho-Syndicalist Party and Libertarian Socialist Party

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Moral conservative and the moral liberal parties

These describe the social views
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Clean earth party and economic progression party

Clean earth supports green movement Economic progression would support doing whatever it takes to improve the economy, even at the expense of the environment
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Third Position

The Third Position or Third Alternative is a revolutionary nationalist political position that emphasizes its opposition to Marxism and capitalism. Advocates of Third Position politics typically present themselves as "beyond left and right", instead...  claiming to syncretize radical ideas from each end of the political spectrum.Third Positionists tend to advocate for the ownership of the means of producing goods and services to be distributed as widely as possible among the "productive members of society", seek alliances with separatists of ethnicity and race other than their own to achieve peaceful ethnic and racial separatism, support national liberation movements in the least developed countries, and have recently embraced environmentalism and reconstructionist paganism.Political scientists such as Roger Griffin dismiss Third Positionist claims of being "beyond left and right" as specious   more
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The National Socialist Party was a small political party in the United Kingdom, founded in 1916. It originated as a minority group within the British Socialist Party who supported British participation in World War I; while historically linked with ... the Marxist left, the party grew more moderate. It affiliated to the Labour Party and was eventually absorbed by it   more
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Kiroen says2013-09-04T20:29:47.2251519-05:00
Marxist-Leninist Party and Libertarian Socialist Party. Who needs a capitalist choice when you have two socialist ones? Current system also known as: Secular Deregulated Capitalist Party that wages war and Not-So-Secular Deregulated Capitalist Party that wages MORE war. That should give you something to think about.
Cowboy0108 says2013-09-04T21:28:29.6896788-05:00
I love how this has just turned into a funny poll. Not really, but it is entertaining.

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