If you could kick one state out of the US, which would you pick?

Posted by: imabench

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57 votes


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New Jersey

12 votes
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New York

9 votes


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imabench says2013-09-08T10:41:02.9974110-05:00
Texas got the most votes by a wide majority in this poll for some reason (about 3/5ths down the page: http://www.Businessinsider.Com/poll-how-americans-feel-about-the-states-2013-8 )
MassiveDump says2013-09-08T12:23:03.6191130-05:00
Probably because there are also Texans who don't want to be Americans.
Mikal says2013-09-08T14:26:09.6920983-05:00
Hell texas already wants to leave. We also get to get rid of rick perry. 2 bird with one stone
Mikal says2013-09-08T14:26:09.9752828-05:00
Hell texas already wants to leave. We also get to get rid of rick perry. 2 bird with one stone
Nyx999 says2013-09-08T14:45:36.5489486-05:00
I completely agree. Texas would be perfectly fine without us, and we would be all the better without them.
Skeptikitten says2013-09-08T21:55:12.6316328-05:00
Texas wouldn't really be "fine" without us. With their crappy education, their high poverty level, and the fact that they take far more in federal dollars than they contribute, they'd collapse.
imabench says2013-09-09T11:02:06.1665171-05:00
Theyd probably look just as bad as Mexico in a few years on their own
Nidhogg says2013-09-10T20:58:37.3453306-05:00
Seriously, can I just vote Detroit? Until then, Texas.
mylesneal says2013-09-13T22:29:47.2983034-05:00
Destory california
kawaii_crazy says2013-09-24T16:30:46.2070712-05:00
I love NY! It's my home state.
TheStruggles says2013-09-25T21:03:59.8087458-05:00
California is helping us fight global warming by giving us more miles per gallon in our cars and using natural gas instead of coal.
Nyx999 says2013-10-10T21:11:46.7744747-05:00
Actually, Texas contributes more than it spends. It could be a country all on its own, not a very good country, but I personally just want it out of the United States.
mcalcara says2013-11-19T10:52:01.2782548-06:00
TheCommonMan says2013-12-04T20:24:39.2979139-06:00
Hawaii wasn't an option, but that's what I would pick. It's the least useful of all of the states as far as economic contribution and it is so far away from the motherland. Given the fact that it is composed of only islands and it is surrounded by volcanoes, there are a lot of potential natural disasters that the US would have to deal with. The only thing it's good for is tourism, but there are plenty of other states that are good for tourism (ex. New York).
Nyx999 says2013-12-04T20:39:17.5885364-06:00
Why Nevada?
yay842 says2013-12-04T20:39:54.0608688-06:00
Neva been to Nevada before?
yay842 says2013-12-04T20:40:03.9667418-06:00
Neva been to Nevada before?
Nyx999 says2013-12-04T20:40:31.8435844-06:00
Nope, not really.
WillDC22 says2014-12-03T22:43:19.4716214-06:00
I have to admit, i take offense to my state being the most voted for state on the list, but what pisses me off the most is peoples reasons stated, they are all because of bias against a certain group that is stereotypical in California (btw, we have more non-liberals than you know if you would actually look at a political map of california). Come on guys, why can't Democrats and Republicans work TOGETHER to get something productive done? I have been saying this for a long time, both parties need to work together rather than against each other.
benhos says2015-03-22T20:09:22.4308120-05:00
Most of the people who live in or near beaches and big cities in California basically worship it... Therefore it would make sense for it to be it's own independent country.
xus00HAY says2016-10-04T04:03:10.7848106Z
Georgia. This state su**s it own *** with a straw!
xus00HAY says2016-10-04T04:06:31.1212948Z
America is like a train with 1 locomotive ( New York ) and 19 boxcars ( the other states)

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