If you could live in a country with only people who have the same religion or philosphical beliefs as you, would you?

Posted by: Cowboy0108

  • Yes

  • No

34% 10 votes
66% 19 votes
  • I would much rather live among people with the same views as me because not only would there be more peace and less fighting, but it would mean we could focus on building a better future for the next generation instead of fighting on issues inside the society. Plus, it doesn't mean that life will be boring; there are more ways to live life to the fullest without having to argue about political, philosophical, and other kind of views.

    Posted by: Buzand
  • It's giving you the option, so I would accept it.

  • Variety is the spice of life.

  • What if I'm wrong?

  • Nope, I love arguing with people too much. :)

    Posted by: Nyx999
  • What a horrible bore that would be. Not to mention the abject stupidity that would grow out of that country within a couple generations- if children grow up never learning there are other beliefs, never meeting people who challenge theirs. You'll get spoiled whiny brats who will have a meltdown when they encounter people from the "other" nations- that's a recipe for a war.

  • No one to have an argument with? Gods, no!

  • That'd be so boring! I live on the basis of arguing with everyone I meet!!

  • I agree with RobbyByron

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