If you died and found yourself in Heaven, what would be the first thing you ask God?

Posted by: imabench

83 Total Votes

Whats the wi-fi password?

54 votes

You wanna smoke some weed?

15 votes

Where's the bathroom?

14 votes
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leojm says2013-09-03T20:12:56.8964526-05:00
Can that be an option?
Kiroen says2013-09-03T20:20:56.8516200-05:00
'Why the fvck did you put liberals on this earth?' Nice question. Let's follow its logical consequences: 'Why did you put so little evidence about your existence that many intelligent people became atheist, and then condemned them to hell?'
imabench says2013-09-03T20:26:13.5881733-05:00
I think leojm is mad because nobody likes her and shes a shriveled b****, but its probably both
leojm says2013-09-03T20:46:56.0428662-05:00
Oh really now. I beg to differ. Imabench you and liberals despise me, Conservatives don't, because they agree with me. And stop using the word retarded, because it makes you sound like a 3 year old. Grow up man, didn't your mama teach you other words that adults use?
Mikal says2013-09-03T20:50:07.0997403-05:00
No liberals despise you, they are just dumbfounded by some of the stupid remarks you make.
donald.keller says2013-09-03T20:57:22.4815529-05:00
Here's a good question: Why are we taking a walk towards the door with Hell written across it?
THZX says2013-09-03T21:07:02.5460234-05:00
Because we are human.
drhead says2013-09-04T00:12:54.7805432-05:00
I can't decide between wi-fi password and virgins... Is this bad?
KingDebater says2013-09-04T08:29:22.5034916-05:00
"^ There she goes whining again.... No wonder why God hates her" That made me smile. It's funny because it's true, that's what I always say.
lannan13 says2013-09-04T16:20:00.4679466-05:00
I pick none of the above
Sitara says2013-09-04T16:41:02.2382338-05:00
According to Your Word, people may be saved if they repent and accept You, and I did that, so we cool?
Sitara says2013-09-04T16:42:05.4502095-05:00
Imabench is right. Conservatives are like super hella retarded, dude.
MassiveDump says2013-09-05T19:36:45.5788137-05:00
Lol congrats, bench, you have Sitara on your side.
Kiroen says2013-09-05T20:59:40.9159472-05:00
The virgins option was erased? Really? Censorship and stuff.
Ragnar says2013-09-07T22:55:17.4559651-05:00
That's because virgins don't exist.
MassiveDump says2013-09-08T08:31:06.3019823-05:00
rajun says2013-09-08T08:57:06.0754725-05:00
0_o ? I see
Disquisition says2013-09-13T21:24:24.8056723-05:00
Umm...... Well
keila13 says2013-09-15T19:37:43.5561459-05:00
Why did you let pandora open the jar? Well at least you should have warned her that bad things can happen.
jyotipatel says2014-01-05T08:22:59.8692444-06:00
I ask 1.Who are you? 2.Why You created me? And i ask many more.
thetruthofeverything says2017-02-23T03:12:39.0265927Z
Mine would be, "Who the hell are you?" And then they/it would probably send me to hell because 1) I am atheist and 2) I just cursed in front of a god.

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