If you found yourself in heaven, what would be the first thing you tell God?

Posted by: Disquisition

For the purposes of this poll, we are speaking of the Judeo-Christian God.

47 Total Votes

Thank you for allowing me to enter in to heavean through the blood of Jesus Christ.

18 votes

You should of made your prescence tangibly known for me, then I would of believed in you.

18 votes

Why didn't you just create the world perfect, that is without evil

7 votes

I hate you send me back to earth

3 votes
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Now that I know your real can you give me another chance

1 vote
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imabench says2013-09-05T23:58:24.1688101-05:00
"Whats the Wifi password?" would be the first thing I ask
Disquisition says2013-09-05T23:59:07.6780468-05:00
Disquisition says2013-09-05T23:59:33.8224566-05:00
Darn miss-spelled Heaven
Noctan says2013-09-06T21:39:56.7574024-05:00
Can't really decide between 2 or 3....Both. I'll vote two though.
MrJosh says2013-09-07T00:01:40.7696445-05:00
I love #1, we are assuming it is the Christian God.
higa123 says2013-10-02T11:16:26.3318378-05:00
To all who voted about "You should have left proof of yourself, then I would have believed in you," if you don't believe in him when you died, you wouldn't have been in heaven to ask him.
Jingram994 says2013-10-03T00:21:43.2797850-05:00
That assumes a lot about the god and afterlife in question. If this god wasn't a d**k, or a narcissist, then we would be in heaven regardless of belief.
blackfirewolf says2013-10-13T21:35:15.2698849-05:00
I have been laughing for an hour at imabench's comment. Totally agreed!
higa123 says2013-12-02T09:27:42.6460719-06:00
Well, Jingram994, he's already met us halfway (Jesus's death and resurrection for our sins), we just have to meet him there.
Jingram994 says2013-12-03T00:57:56.4680134-06:00
That's some reaction time you've got there. And is this God not 'Omnibenevolent', as well as Omniscient and Omnipotent? If he actually wanted to, he could just meet us 'all the way', or instead prevent things from happening that would make refusing to worship him, or not having belief in him (even though belief is not a choice), a reasonable position to take. If he was smart about this, he could even do so whilst also still allowing everyone their 'free choice'. As this is not the case in reality, clearly he doesn't 'care enough' to want to do this. As it stands, people will be punished for things that either they have no control over, or that he is entirely responsible for. Why would we want to 'meet him' anywhere, let alone 'half way'?
birdlandmemories says2015-10-05T08:47:38.5877543Z
I'd rather be here on earth.
Leaning says2018-08-09T02:24:04.7457434Z
I would say. "Oh. . . Hey. "

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