If you had a mental illness that was inheritable, would you have children?

Posted by: Muttl200

Let's say that the mental illness was bad enough to hinder day-to-day life.

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It depends on the mental illness.

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No, I would not have children.

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Yes, I would still have children.

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Muttl200 says2015-02-04T11:16:43.1833430-06:00
Be sure to remember it is only a possibility that your child could Inherited the mental illness. Sorry forgot to add that.
KylePooley says2015-02-04T11:45:39.4929092-06:00
"Let's say that the mental illness was bad enough to hinder day-to-day life." - Muttl200 Would it be the same as a mentally and physically disabled being living now, not worth living? Because in the case of children or unborn babies, the parent not wanting a child to live with a mental and physical disability (Knowing that this is going to happen), is the taking its life away and is the same to a living being with similar conditions wanting or should take its life away because of not being able to cope.
Muttl200 says2015-02-04T12:04:55.7171773-06:00
@ Kyle That's a good question. The question either went way over my head, or I do not seem to understand it fully. If you don't mind, can you re-word it?
KylePooley says2015-02-04T12:14:52.6328869-06:00
So, if you were to abort a baby based on the fact that the child would be mentally and physically disabled, it is because either you don't want to raise the child or you don't want the child to suffer. That being said it can be in an already similar situation as to an already living person with these same disabilities, should they take there own life because they can or cannot cope? Or should be lead into believing that they shouldn't be alive the same we might think a child shouldn't be alive because of these disabilities. Thus not wanting to take care of this person, although we both know that there are people that like to take care. There is no real point into the comparison, even though they do both hold similar views yet are seen to be different. I'll try and simplify it, for both of us ahah Should we stop something from living because we don't want it to have a particular thing. If something was already alive with that articular thing, should that something be dead? Now this is obviously just ethical reasons but a great thinker of moral views.
Muttl200 says2015-02-04T14:35:32.9915192-06:00
Hmm... I kind of understand it. I think. Well I feel like we should prevent that certain thing from being born (if it is justified & possible). However, in my own opinion if that something was alive today, I feel that it should continue to be alive. My reasoning for this is that it is too late for him. It is a person now and can think for itself. They may not see their lives all that bad since they could not know how life would be without their illness. So, if we can prevent it then I'd say go ahead. But if they should be dead after being alive then no. Basically, if its preventable, prevent it. But if they currently live like that, make accommodations. I support them living, not their births.
Muttl200 says2015-02-04T14:36:43.5992107-06:00
Please do tell me if I understood it that time. If not then I suppose that kind of thought just went way over my head or scrambled my brain.
KylePooley says2015-02-04T15:14:55.2928015-06:00
Get it or not, you don't understand how appreciative and envious of your acceptance to knowing something or not :) I agree that someone should not die based on there disability, but this could also be said of that of an unborn child, just because they do not know whats happening, does it give us the right to abort? Now this is a slightly different topic such as Pro and Con for abortion in which I am pro, although heartbroken that sometimes a child may not cease to be born. In essence it is never too late or too early for someone ELSE to consider someone elses life. To make another comparison, Stephen Hawking is known for Hawking radiation and black holes, yet has an absolute disability physically, if you knew of a child that had this defect yet knew it would change the world theoretically, would you still prevent the birth? Even if you or the child WILL have difficulties dealing and coping with the condition.

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