If you lived in the American civil war, who would you side with?

Posted by: Spiffy-Gonzalez

(Please don't turn this into an argument about slavery, say who and why and be done)

Poll closed on 11/7/2018 at 10:30AM.
31 Total Votes

The United States of America

22 votes

The Confederate States of America

9 votes
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Vaarka says2018-01-25T12:18:14.3392643Z
In this war (and all wars really), it's not so much a matter of who you think you would side with and more a matter of where you are. If I lived in the northern states, I likely would have fought with the north. If I lived in the southern states, I likely would have fought with the south.
TheMarquis says2018-01-25T13:21:44.8297364Z
What the fuck do you mean don't make this an argument about slavery? The Civil War largely WAS an argument about slavery! And no matter how many other factors you bring up it doesn't change the fact that slavery was a huge factor.
Arganger says2018-01-25T16:42:42.7135830Z
Probably neither, I would likely try to rally my own uprising.
PMarshall says2018-01-26T00:51:18.5084428Z
It's hard to say. I don't think that we should have let them continue to bring slaves here. At the same time, by freeing them we gained a whole lot of ignorant voters and now we are a socialist country. Then again, we can't really blame only them because most people are falling for socialism.
Spiffy-Gonzalez says2018-01-26T07:02:47.6037207Z
Alright looks like this turned into a slave argument Luke I explicitly said not to. Guess I better put my two cents in. TheMarquis, four northern States had slavery. Lincoln and grant had slaves. The Confederate constitution made the international slave trace illegal. Only about 5% of southerners owned slaves. 20,000 free blacks were enlisted along with 40,000 slaves (though slaves were never put into combat) even though the government had not wanted it. They were given equal pay and treatment wheras the north put them on the front line for half pay. If the south just wanted slavery they could have just stayed and signed the corwin amendment which Lincoln supported. The United States did not send troops to Sumter until the south began to trade with Britain over the United States. Most southerners did not like slavery because they needed work and it was cheaper not to hire them. Now, give me 4 reasons it WAS about slavery.
Spiffy-Gonzalez says2018-01-26T07:05:28.4361179Z
Side note, 4 - 10. About how the civil war actually was in population. That's pretty cool : )
Leaning says2018-01-26T08:45:50.3115059Z
I'm from Oregon, so neither. I suppose if I had to pick I would say Union. I feel like the Confederate victory would have ended up with the USA looking like Europe, all fragment like and fighting each other all the time.
AMcCormack21 says2018-01-31T03:14:39.6802683Z
Depends where I lived
Zombieguy835 says2018-04-05T04:56:45.5085923Z
Does siding with Switzerland count?

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