If you met God tomorrow - would you embrace it?

Posted by: OverLordGoldDragon

Many debate over the existence of God. A better question may be, if there is the God - of the respective religion - then is it worth of your devotion/appreciation/acceptance? Be sure to define "God" in your response.

  • Yes - I will embrace God.

  • No - I will not embrace God.

33% 8 votes
67% 16 votes
  • I would consider my sanity first, then look for a logical explaination.

  • I would ask him what the gays and promiscuous women ever did to him.

  • Ill ask him a few questions, on why he let evil get away with things it shouldn't have.

  • Im not all about that god stuff. what is there to prove that he is real. A book? -which was written by humans by the way. I mean if god really did exist, why would he take away the people you love most, or why would he give people cancer? There's only one answer to that question. - He doesn't exist.

  • Well, I think someone spiked my drink, to meet him he must be real first.

  • If I met Morgan Freeman... Oh wait, wrong god. If I met God I would ask why must we suffer. Why is there poverty, hunger, inequality and why would he let it exist?

    Posted by: yus33
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Kreakin says2015-05-10T20:11:59.8430863-05:00
Met God, like on the way to the shops or something?
TheMarquis says2015-05-10T20:32:53.0115755-05:00
I don't worship on power and existance alone.
Reeseroni says2015-05-10T21:05:06.1603674-05:00
Embrace as in hug? Or embrace as in accept the presence of?
TBR says2015-05-10T21:24:24.7647498-05:00
I am struggling with your yes image, and the word "embrace". I would accept that there is a god if I meet one tomorrow, but say he wanted me to not eat shellfish or damn homosexuals. Then no, I would NOT "embrace" it, I would accept it.
OverLordGoldDragon says2015-05-10T23:07:47.7943148-05:00
Embrace - accept, appreciate, acknowledge, ...
TheMarquis says2015-05-11T05:31:55.3224091-05:00
@OverLordGoldenDragon: Those aren't synonyms.
OverLordGoldDragon says2015-05-11T15:59:06.5078822-05:00
I find it particularly amusing how nearly 40% still picks the "Yes" side with that image on the right. Moralless or ignorant? Both.
ObjectiveTruth says2015-05-18T14:32:22.1404386-05:00
I would say I would gladly take Hell rather than worship one of the purest forces of evil that has ever existed.

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