If you were forced to choose, which would that be? (Alternate History)

Posted by: Rezamee

These are alternate histories that have had a chance of happening, choose whichever you believe is the best.

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American Revolution suppressed.

The British were fed up with the rebellion and sent troops by the masses to crush it swiftly and easily.
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Western Roman Empire survives.

Through trade agreements with the Eastern Roman Empire, Rome is immersed in riches allowing the funding of troops to protect the borders. Due to this, there is a stronger Roman identity in western Europe and the nation-states of France, Spain, Portu... gal, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, England, Scotland, Italy, Wales, and Switzerland cease to exist   more
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WW2 is a Nazi Victory.

The Nazis, due a series of decisions, won World War Two. They annex large chunks of Europe.
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Confederacy wins the American Civil War.

Through attrition and diplomacy (help from Europe), the Confederacy was able to hold it out. Culminating into stalemate in which the Union signs a peace treaty and recognizes the CSA as a nation.
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No second Italo-Ethiopian war.

(This would be pivotal for African History) Mussolini never wants to seek revenge on Ethiopia, allowing Ethiopia to continue its industrial ambitions. This leads to Ethiopia following a Japanese-style industrialization, making it one of Africa's ear... liest and only industrialized nation   more
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greatkitteh says2015-10-11T07:54:00.5658452Z
Egypt was also industrialized during the cold war.
WillRiley says2015-10-13T16:43:02.0080915Z
Anyone who says "The American Revolution Suppressed", I would like to know why you have that opinion.
Kreakin says2015-10-15T06:42:15.1322127Z
American people would be richer, healthier and happier overall as part of Britain under the Monarchy and as part of the Common Wealth.
58539672 says2015-10-15T16:37:39.5660264Z
@Kreakin That is speculation at best. The US has had such a profound impact on the world that it is impossible to accurately predict how the world would be like without them.
Kreakin says2015-10-16T09:15:35.9981226Z
Still, on balance I do believe people would have been better off. Can I prove it? Well all I can do is postulate.
WillRiley says2015-10-20T04:48:52.2165644Z
Lol the Nazi supporters, why? Just why? Also, what would a Nazi victory look like? Europe? The world?
Bluepaintcan123 says2015-10-20T22:55:43.0683092Z
If Hitler had won WW2 he could have easily taken over Europe right? Idk that sounds like a bad choice.

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