If you were forced to, which extreme political side would you choose?

Posted by: G0than

Disclaimer: The images supplied alongside the poll choices do not represent left/right wing politics as communism/nazism respectively.

  • Extreme right-wing

  • Extreme left-wing

38% 10 votes
62% 16 votes
  • I'd pick extreme right wing, but I disagree with the nazi's being right ring.

    Posted by: Wylted
  • The fascists were actually pretty left wing when it came to religion and economics.

  • I'd pick a monarchy then take the crown and give it to a guy I trust.

  • I already support a lot of the left wing but not the extent that they do and some minor ethic decisions. Right wing clings to traditionalism and forgets their founders are actually progressives. Left wing clings to the future and progressivism.

  • Fascism was the worst movement to hit earth. Fascism is the complete withdraw of human, civil, and legal rights, choosing to surrender those for the good of the state. In fascism, social inequality was one of the main tenets that Mussolini wrote of. It was evident in Nazi Germany, Italy, and Francoish Spain. North Korea, and some Islamic Fascist states, like the old Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, are abominations on earth. I want to hear one of you argue those were better than the Ukranian USSR's or modern day Lao's. Please, enlighten me.

    Posted by: Csareo
  • I feel like these pictures are a little misleading. They're more representative of Fascism and Communism. Which I know are branches of extreme rightists and leftists, respectively, but I don't think they represent the majority. But anyways, I pick extreme left wing because at least they'll try to care for people. Extreme right wing would probably lead to hardcore, dog eat dog Capitalism, which would be good for only a few.

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Csareo says2014-05-23T14:15:33.6869764-05:00
Wylted, please defend fascism for me. It gives up all human rights for the state. That is not a government that respects me as a person.
Wylted says2014-05-23T14:21:11.5145405-05:00
Jif, extreme right wing would be an anarchy type system with no government. Why are fascists considered right wing? Fascists are typically controlled economy, Antigun, lot's of government. Does that sound right wing like Ron Paul or does it sound left wing like Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Obama etc..?
discomfiting says2014-05-23T14:23:02.8918365-05:00
Wylted says2014-05-23T14:30:33.4957699-05:00
Discomfit, why are you calling the founders left wing. That's silly. It was the British that were left wing. The colonies were right wing.
Csareo says2014-05-23T15:28:25.7199042-05:00
That's false wylted. You can be extreme right authoritarian and extreme left authoritarian.
TeaPartyAtheist says2014-05-23T18:47:49.9729411-05:00
Hitler was a Socialist. That should not be on the extreme right picture.
Csareo says2014-05-23T18:48:54.0889411-05:00
Hitler was not a socialist. He was a fascist, which he openly admitted to. He established a authoritarian society that followed the extreme right tenets.
labarum says2014-05-23T20:56:37.6763414-05:00
Hitler was a National Socialist. You do know that Nazi is an anagram right?
Csareo says2014-05-23T20:57:40.7315414-05:00
National socialism is a form of fascism. Refer to this debate http://www.debate.org/debates/Hitler-was-a-Fascist/1/
labarum says2014-05-23T20:59:22.1003414-05:00
National Socialism was a form of socialism. Instead of focusing on class warfare like their internationalist counterparts, they focused on national or ethnic conflict.
Wylted says2014-05-23T21:31:38.6881876-05:00
I see the term liberal and democrat used interchangably. It's clear that nazi ideology more closely resembledDemocrats thanRepublicans.
labarum says2014-05-23T21:33:37.0803438-05:00
Were did you see democrat and republican?
Wylted says2014-05-23T21:38:30.0460996-05:00
Democrat is a term used interchangably with left wing. Republican is used interchangably with right wing. I believe polls like this are used as an attempt to somehow associate republicans with Nazis despite the fact their policies more closely resemble those of Democrats.
labarum says2014-05-23T21:41:31.0099708-05:00
To a great extent yes, but we ( just as the Nazis) support a strong military. We are not hawks like them, but we both want that extra defense. That is probably the biggest thing we have in common.
labarum says2014-05-23T21:42:22.5530316-05:00
Other than that they do seriously lean towards socialism.
discomfiting says2014-05-24T09:51:59.2320673-05:00
Tea Party member alert. Abort discussion; it has been infected with stupidity.
G0than says2014-05-24T13:23:18.0545670-05:00
Two things to clarify this poll; 1) Please do read the comment under the poll question if there is one. It does state there clearly there that I did not want the two extremes to be recognized as fascism or communism. The images are only there for the purpose of illustration. 2) Just because a state is called something doesn't mean it is that. We have a perfect example of that nowadays with the Democratic People's Republic of Korea a.K.A North Korea, which is a totalitarian dictatorship.
Wylted says2014-05-24T14:21:36.2665759-05:00
Discomfiting, you can call tea partiers stupid, but it doesn't change the fact you'd lose a debate against me defending your stupid belief system. Plus none of the points I made received a rebuttal. So my argument still stands. I know you thought your attempt to poison the well was a rebuttal, but what you don't understand is that it's a logical fallacy.

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