If you were given the choice of listening to only one of these for the rest of your life, which would it be?

Posted by: ChrisArthur

Which of these could you not live without? Please answer as honestly as possible, it's for a cultural studies class I am taking.

29 Total Votes


I would want to be entertained.
24 votes


I would want to be informed.
5 votes
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Tenebris says2017-04-17T21:26:24.4983527Z
Cool poll. I was tied. Good luck on your class. ;)
348557612 says2017-04-17T23:38:47.2111306Z
Wait, like, can you turn it off? Is it all you hear for the rest of your life?
ChrisArthur says2017-04-18T01:07:58.1515306Z
Thanks Tenebris! :) 348557612, you can interpret the question however you want. I imagine you can hear everything else but the option you did not pick. But to better clarify, which of the two is more important to you? (Also, your name is super complicated to manually type.. It's like a receipt haha)
AnonymousAthiest says2017-04-21T16:38:31.3208820Z
Good interesting poll. Not everything needs to be political or serious (though some of it should). I'm tied personally.
AnonymousAthiest says2017-04-21T16:39:28.8152858Z
As long as I'm not listening to my ex bitch and moan about her hair I'm good.

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