Illegal immigration

Posted by: 1990Grunt

Do you support illegal immigration?

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No, I think illegal immigrants should be punished for breaking the law

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Yes I think illegal immigrants should stay in the US

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Mister_Man says2018-08-22T22:20:47.4236053Z
1) We don't know who these people are if they're sneaking into the country illegally, And Germany has found out that thousands of ISIS fighters snuck in along with the rest of the illegals, So it's a public and national safety concern. 2) We still need to pay for these people because they still manage to get on government assistance and collect some form of welfare. 3) They don't pay taxes, And the US alone is estimated to be missing out on billions a year in uncollected taxes from illegal immigrants. 4) They don't assimilate, Don't speak the language of the country, And divide us all even more.
Flameslinger says2018-08-23T19:22:00.7530203Z
Allowing illegals to just blatantly come in to our country without any credentials what so ever will only hurt our people and our economy. By allowing them to claim government assistance and not pay taxes, We are essentially giving people money that could be used to help people who were born here or came here legally. Probably the best solution (as well as the most moral) would be to better a countries custom systems, Speeding up wait times so more people could get visas, Passports, Refugee status, Or asylee status.
Debating_Horse says2018-09-03T18:06:32.9979080Z
I OPPOSE illegal immigration, I SUPPORT legal immigration.
Pansexual_and_proud says2018-09-05T23:45:07.2192095Z
I do no think that illegal immigration is right, But I think that the government should help people if they come in and help them get their legalization, Because they might not be able to go back to their country. I also think the government should DEFINITELY not take the children of these people away from them.
Mister_Man says2018-09-06T22:35:20.0395398Z
@Pansexual - Are you saying that if someone knowingly commits a crime and knows the consequences for said crime, They shouldn't suffer the consequences?
FernySanders says2018-09-25T01:01:03.2958390Z
Alright I am not saying we should just let people just come into our country but we shouldn't just kick them out because most illegal immigrants are either looking for a job, Asylum, Or just a better life from where they came from. Instead of deporting the ones who want to work, A better life, And/or asylum we should educate them on United State history, Language, And basically how the system works but also allowed to have a green card at the same time so they can work and be able to support themselves and / or their family. After all of that they should be allowed citizenship because it could take years for someone from the Latin American countries to become a legal citizen from the system we have now. We should only deport illegal immigrants if they are breaking multiple laws like stealing, Killing, Criminal activities, Not paying taxes, Etc (i know someone will comment about that and say illegal immigrants are breaking but we should help them by actually granting them citizenship so they aren't breaking it in the first place) even if they are legal but not born here if they commit those crimes. That is my stance and I know people will disagree with it and if you do just comment
FernySanders says2018-09-25T01:12:44.9838390Z
@Mister_Man the thing is a lot of illegal immigrants are coming to seek asylum but don't have access to the information that if you come you will be deported. There are countries that still don't have the access to the internet and/or the majority of that population. Also they come to live a better life and/or be able to support a family because of the lack of pay so they come here since they hear of the chances and opportunities they can have. The system here to become legal here is complicated and can take years for legal citizenship. If you were in a country were the only jobs in the area where you can afford to live only offer enough money to buy food for your family at the most and you hear of a place where you can get a better paying job but you can't get the jobs because of long it would take to become a citizen and how much it would cost. Wouldn't you do whatever it would take to at least feed your family more sufficiently?

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