In a war, who really wins?

Posted by: PetersSmith

You may interpret the two options in any way you wish

  • Whoever is Left

  • No One

35% 11 votes
65% 20 votes
  • The winner is Satan

  • Sometimes war is need to stop greater casualties , the winner is the one who doesn't die . Unfortunately efficient allocation of resorces on a global scale is inhibated by a few groups that grapple for power even though it is so short lived. So yes and no but leaning to the yes so like sixty five percent yes.

  • World War II, who won? The Allies. Korean War, who won? No one because there was a armistice. Vietnam War? Viet Cong/North Vietnam. "Whoever is left" is always more likely the aftermath of a war than "no one" winning it.

  • "I lost all my youth, the best years of my life you might say and I lost so many friends. A few medals don't make up for that. Nobody wins in a war, they lost but we didn't win."

  • I am not against war and my plan is to go into the military but the quote above is pretty much summarized by Mahattma Ghandi, "Victory attained by violence is tantamount to defeat." While America or any other country may survive as a country, no one would truly have one. I'm assuming you are talking about nuclear war as the picture helps to make me think that.

  • "Why are we still here... Just to suffer... Every night I can feel my leg, My arm, Even my fingers. The body I've lost, and the comrades I've lost, don't stop hurting, It's like we're all still there, You feel it too don't you"

  • War only has losers.

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