In an idealistic world, would you support a socialistic economy?

Posted by: tejretics

If the world were unrealistically utopian and perfect, would some level of socialism be a part of it?

  • Yes

  • No

45% 9 votes
55% 11 votes
  • I mean, in an ideal world, the government would be good. But innovation comes from individuals. Taking power from the little guy is never right.

  • While the idea of a socialistic economy works on paper, the result of how human nature has shown by the communist states of Germany and China, that those who are in power will still receive the most benefit. Further, while there are some who will be very supportive and productive in a society such as this, it is very likely that others will take advantage of a society like this and choose not to contribute, but maintain they have a right to the goods and freedoms of the society.

  • Idealistic world? I would love to hear an idealistic way to achieve socialism without the use of coercion or force. When I'm free to spend ALL of my money and labor on MY goals, needs, and personal choices without the threat of punishments political, financial, or otherwise, then you might convince me. However socialism is by definition the antithesis of that so.......nope!

  • The problem with this question is what constitutes ideal or utopian. Utopia is the good place that doesn't exist because it necessarily depends on individual value preferences which are subjective. In Cortez's ideal world he would an infinite supply of gold because he placed significant value on it. In Montezuma's ideal world he would have infinite jade rather than gold because that was higher up on his value preferences. Of course this analogy is deduced from what we understand of Spanish and Aztec cultures at the time but it still proves the point that value is subjective and hence utopia cannot exist. In my ideal world, socialism is nonexistent and people trade value for value free of coercion.

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russian_metaphor_man says2015-06-27T02:13:10.8545794-05:00
@Donderpants: soclaimsm supports "the little guy" we don't have slave, sweatshop workers we aren't' the richest 1% that control the wealth of america. We are the ones who provide free education, healthcare, transport, housing and everything else that supports "the little guy". So change you vote if you truly support the "the little guy".
Donderpants says2015-06-27T02:21:29.7209728-05:00
@russian_metaphor_man I never said it wouldn't be good for said "little guy", just that it would take away more of their power. It means people can't rise up in the world. What can you aim for in life if there's a concrete roof an inch above your head? I like the fact that the richest 85 people own more than the poorest 50% and that the top 1% owns almost half of everything financially as little as you do. But life would feel a little hopeless, boring in fact without something to aim for. Also, humanity would lose much of it's innovation. I can't help but notice your username includes a country known for attempting socialism, so it makes sense you'd be going in this direction. But personally, I'd prefer a world filled with hopeand promise over a world filled with contentedness. Source-
russian_metaphor_man says2015-06-27T02:53:28.1629147-05:00
@Donderpants: what the socialist strives for is the betterment of his fellow brother and sister, not individual greed. To the socialist innovation comes not from wanting a financial edge over your competitor which often results in outsourcing workers, pollution and murder, but it comes from wanting to help your people because it's what's right.
Texas14 says2015-06-27T20:04:16.4778336-05:00
I hate how people say socialism is idealistic. It's a distopian fantasy. Everyone gets less. The sky has a limit. How is that idealistic?
Donderpants says2015-06-28T05:04:40.2033364-05:00
I'm sorry, I'd find it monotonous. What would you aim for? At least there's room to go up in the world- with socialism, all that goes out the window. Wanting to help others is great! But individuality is valued too highly in NZ. And while I disagree with many, many things NZ says, I agree with that one. Individuality, innovation, every goal is suddenly gone. So socialism would be one more loss of freedom.
Donderpants says2015-06-28T05:05:53.2751416-05:00
I have to say, this is internationally interesting. One with Russia in their username, the other with Texas.... Both with clearly contrasting views. Says a lot about how each country works.
stargate says2015-06-28T06:37:48.1128960-05:00
Nope no matter how you put it, i am against socialism.

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