In Captain America: Civil War, do you support the Sokovia Accords?

Posted by: ladiesman

  • Yes

  • No

19% 3 votes
81% 13 votes
  • I can give several reasons why the Accords is a bad idea, the main is it's only going to restrict the Avengers' ability to do their job.

  • Sokovia Accords are so freaking stupid. If General Ross family member is in trouble, the government has to make the decision if the Avengers can go and save him/her so I think that any hero should be able person at any point in tie that their in trouble.

  • This is most idiotic. Super Heroes saved the world and saved millions of lives while risking their lives, and instead of thanking them for their hard work, we just blame them for the damages they didn't intend?? This is like firefighters saved my life from burning house, and suing them about the destroyed house.

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ThisIsMyUsername333 says2016-09-02T01:16:48.6902309Z
The Sokovia Accords restricted the Avengers' freedom to do their job.
ladiesman says2016-09-02T01:26:39.3331892Z
@ThisIsMyUsername333 Exactly.
ladiesman says2016-09-03T20:04:59.8238940Z
@carapopcorn Why do you support the Accords?

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