In League of Legends, who would win in a fight, Singed or Mundo? (exclude player skill)

Posted by: yay842

  • Singed

  • Dr. Mundo

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  • Mundo hands down. His Q would eat singed alive. Singed has amazing health and speed, but with mundo passive and his ult he would regen almost all of his health. He could then just spam Q to own singed. Since it works off singed, mundo is the true counter to champions like singed. Including ramnus and others.

    Posted by: Mikal
  • Mundo practically has 140% health including ult cost. They both do good damage. At the same level of tankiness, then Mundo would win.

    Posted by: yay842
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Mikal says2013-09-03T19:19:32.4076290-05:00
Since it works off percentage*

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