In the wake of more abortion restrictions, how should the pro choice movement proceed.

Posted by: komododragon8

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It shouldn't

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Combination of actions

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Increase lobbying efforts

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Expand the number of abortion clinics

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briantheliberal says2015-04-18T18:35:53.9108779-05:00
We need to get out and vote already. Stop allowing these fascists morons to take freedoms away from everyone else. We can only blame ourselves for not being proactive enough.
CyberConor says2015-04-18T18:51:00.5297009-05:00
@Braintheliberal, I totally agree. We should let these fascists take away our right to murder an innocent baby. Because of course if I agree to have intercourse, i shouldn't expect a baby! It is unfair that I got a baby from intercourse, he wasn't suppose to be born of course.
Kreakin says2015-04-18T18:52:36.8743784-05:00
Forcing a woman to be an unwilling incubator is just plain sick in the head...
briantheliberal says2015-04-18T18:53:50.8829665-05:00
CyberConor, an embryo is not a baby.
briantheliberal says2015-04-18T18:54:46.9638880-05:00
And until the "pro-life" crowd actually starts acting like what they claim to be I will continue to be pro-choice.
Episteme says2015-04-18T20:30:14.3781433-05:00
Kreakin - I cannot agree more. (so I agree as well with you Brian) Forcing a woman to be an incubator is awful. There was outcry here in Ireland when a woman (who was suicidal) was forced to carry the fetus and give birth through c-section. How did she get pregnant? She was raped. Http://www.Theguardian.Com/world/2014/aug/18/ireland-woman-forced-caesarean-pregnant-rape-friend I hate the thought of living in a world where a woman who was raped, is suicidal and doesn't want the child, is forced to have the child or otherwise is considered a criminal if she gets an abortion done in Ireland. She would have had to go to the UK to get an abortion. It's sickening. Women should have the choice to decide what to do with their own bodies.
Reeseroni says2015-04-18T21:03:51.9514072-05:00
@briantheliberal embryo |ˈembrēˌō| noun (pl. Embryos) 1 an unborn or unhatched offspring in the process of development. • an unborn human baby, especially in the first eight weeks from conception, after implantation but before all the organs are developed. Compare with fetus.
briantheliberal says2015-04-18T21:24:29.7391390-05:00
Reeseroni, (1) Definition of embryo - an unborn or unhatched offspring in the process of development. (2) Definition of baby - a very young child, especially one newly or recently born. - An embryo is not a baby, because an actual baby is already born, which embryos are not. Embryos are mostly divided cells and underdeveloped tissue with little to no organs etc...
A2 says2015-04-21T20:02:53.7164648-05:00
Hey I'm all for random murder, speaking of, why do you want my guns?
komododragon8 says2015-04-21T20:15:14.7972733-05:00
TheChistian: there is no such thing as legalized murder.
CyberConor says2015-04-21T21:32:34.2600956-05:00
@braintheliberal, embryos are still living, they fit all requirements. Also, if nine monthes of my life could decide if it was legal to murder me or not, then I lost faith in humanity. At least make the mother look at the ultrasound, so she could see if she wants to kill the innocent living being, or not.

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