In your opinion, what age should be the 'Age of Consent'?

Posted by: Zylorarchy

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dmussi12 says2014-05-16T07:27:39.2567357-05:00
Really it needs to be in three overlapping groups, like 15-17, 16-18 and 17+. People go to high school and form relationships between grades. We can't stop anyone from having sex, and it's not fair that once the older one's 18th birthday hits, their interactions become illegal.
Zylorarchy says2014-05-16T07:40:05.5607357-05:00
@dmussi12: Age of consent laws vary widely throughout the world. Simply putting ages like this was the simplest and best way to reach as wide community as possible. I may be wrong, but in my country I believe (after research) that an over 18 can have sex with a 16 year old, unless the over 18 is in a position of trust.
Zylorarchy says2014-05-16T07:55:30.4492607-05:00
@Christian_Debater: Most forms of contraception have at least 70% effectiveness and many near 100%. Clearly if most of your friends used contraception and still got pregnant, they were not using said contraception properly. If not used properly, the effectiveness rapidly decreases.
dichotomyslave says2014-05-16T13:44:21.0137056-05:00
Forty or older
dmussi12 says2014-05-16T17:17:46.7287508-05:00
I wasn't disagreeing with the poll, I just thought of an idea and wanted to see what people thought. But for the sake of simplicity here and in law, 16 would be the best age.
dichotomyslave says2014-05-16T20:23:48.1625986-05:00
16????????? Can two sixteen year olds get a home a job and be responsible for a baby?
dmussi12 says2014-05-16T20:54:43.8761986-05:00
That has nothing to do with age of consent.
Zylorarchy says2014-05-16T21:28:42.1278175-05:00
@dmussi12: Agreed, what has the ability of getting a home, a job and looking after a baby got to do with sex? @dichotomyslave. Just because you have sex does not mean you are going to have children, nor do you need to have a job or home to have sex... Contraception prevents birth and its over 90% effective if used correctly.
dmussi12 says2014-05-16T21:34:18.9449986-05:00
And in the rare chance contraception fails, abortions are generally available in the first stages of pregnancy. Sex isn't just a means of procreation, and there's no way to stop teens.
Zylorarchy says2014-05-16T21:36:01.9076932-05:00
@dmussi12: Nor is there any reason to stop teens. A teenager who understands, enjoys and takes suitable precautions (once reaching the age of consent) should be allowed sex.
dmussi12 says2014-05-16T21:41:39.2117458-05:00
I agree.
revic says2014-05-17T04:44:56.2218916-05:00
I think everyone voting "16" simply felt that he was "ready" at that age and perhaps tries to justify what he/she did... I'd gladly debate this topic!
Zylorarchy says2014-05-18T14:02:41.4773145-05:00
@revic: No, not at all. That is completely false.
revic says2014-05-18T15:10:37.5322349-05:00
@Zylorarchy what gives you the right to claim what I say is false? It can easily be proven why 18 is a better age, yet so many people still say "16". Yes, their body is ready at that age, but mentally they are not wise enough to do it yet. Everyone has the desire to have sex at the age of 16 yet only at the age of 18 you should be allowed to do it.
dmussi12 says2014-05-18T15:16:52.4470636-05:00
He has the right to say what you said is false because you said "everyone voting "16" simply felt that he was "ready" at that age and perhaps tries to justify what he/she did." He voted 16, but not for that reason. Therefore, not everyone voted that way for your given reason. Your statement was false.
PartTimeHipster says2014-05-24T22:43:14.4117194-05:00
21. Teens that have sex or children disgust me.
Zylorarchy says2014-05-25T06:22:48.4588081-05:00
Revic: I said you statement was false as it strongly implies people who had sex at 16 did so were unjustified in their actions and that they did so because they "felt" they were ready and yet regret it now. Many people who have sex at 16 are "wise enough", and to say someone has to be 18 is very generalised... Who are you to effectively say someone is too stupid at 16 and then suddenly at 18, bam they are wise enough to decide about their sexual activity?
revic says2014-05-25T06:47:17.2121334-05:00
@zylorarchy. I am not the one to say that it is wrong, but neither are you the one to say that the age of 16 is right. Here, however, we can PRETEND we're the ones making the final decisions so your word is as good as mine. So, the reason I state that people at 16 are not wise enough is because they're simply in the stage of still learning. They don't posess the basic knowledge yet that most of our people enter life with, since they haven't even finished high school yet. Although some can be exceptionally wise, most of the teenagers will be in a stage where they feel like they are wise and will try to be adults. That, ofcourse, is no reason to have sex at the age of 16. The difference with the age of 18 is that they are all finishing high school and ready to do what they want: it is a time when they have to make life decisions, and therefore the time where they learn to make these big decisions. A 16 year old kid will say: "sex, hell yes!" while an 18 year old will more actively consider it. Now back to my original statement: All of you do feel like you're very smart and wise, you can't deny that. That's why we're on this site. I have that problem too. But most of you don't seem to link all this to the sexual revolution. You all think it is normal to have sex with about 10-30 girls during your life and see no reason why you should wait until the age of 18. This sort of mentality benefits only the stronger kids in society, while the less attractive ones won't get any of it. After the age of 18, the less attractive people won't care anymore. In high school, however, it can mentally wreck them. I would gladly debate this topic with you, or anyone else. Please set a debate up if you feel like it. Like I said earlier, I'd gladly debate it!
Zylorarchy says2014-05-25T07:35:54.6996609-05:00
Revic: you make excellent points, I must admit, although over here you do actually finish school when you are 16. To me though, it comes down to one of the basic questions, should all suffer because of the actions of some? In the UK at least, the average age of losing one's virginity is 15.9 (so effectively 16). And then of course, you'll see such statistics that say, something like a 3rd of teenagers regret their 'first time' as it was too early. That instantly gets people thinking 'wow that is bad', but is it hugely bad? If the average age is 16, and a 3rd regret is (barely in mind many of those who do regret are those who do it under age which I think you and I would agree is definitely wrong), that does mean two thirds do NOT regret it. And going back to my earlier question, that can be expanded on and I can then ask, should the majority be punished for the actions of the minority? Even if it is a large minority I admit. And the other arguments could be, you yourself admitted our body is naturally ready at that age, and with so many teenagers engaging at sex at 16, and at least 40% engaging in sexual activity below 16, we have to ask ourselves, is it realistic to have the age at 18? In the UK, the age is 16, raising it to 18 would merely criminalise many unnecessarily, and really would make no difference. Teenagers are going to have sex anyway and having it at 18, in my opinion, is just unrealistically high. I think, we should tackle the issue of sex with sex education, which is... Poor, no other way of putting it. Education is so often ignored when it comes to so many issues, like crime, and poverty... And now sex.
revic says2014-05-25T09:48:40.7449418-05:00
@zylorarchy I'll reply to what you said in the order you said it! Sorry, I didn't know the UK system was different. Although I did think you could keep on studying until the age of 18? You also ask the main question: "should all suffer because of the actions of some?". You mean it a different way, obviously, but I'd like you to think about this: If one guy in class has sex and tells it to everyone, all will be affected. Mainly by feelings of jealousy. The amount of guys that actually gets laid before the age of 18 is small, but all others would consider it weird to still be a virgin thanks to the luck of those few. Do THEY really have to feel bad about theirselves because some are enjoying the sexual revolution? You have shown statistics that say "1/3 teenagers regret their first time". However, was this question asked to both boys and girls? It seems obvious that none of the boys would regret it, and assuming that the boys were 1/2 of the questioned, that would leave 1/1.5 girls questioned to regret their first time. That turns the tables, doesn't it? You can redo that math yourself, but I'd take it boys shouldn't be questioned as their mentality is already that of "the sooner, the better". It is only the girls that could regret their first time. You also state that changing the age to 18 is would simply mean to alter nature itself (if I am correctly interpreting it?) since our bodies are ready and it actually happens at that age. You are absolutely right that it would result in a lot of crimes. I agree that it is unrealistic to just use the magic wand of the law to try and alter this. What I do hope for, is a change of mentality. A mentality where chastity is a virtue and waiting is blessed. That brings me to your last point: education is indeed poor, and to change the mentality, we mustn't change the law but change the education! You are very correct in that! But I think you agree that the age of consent is getting lower and lower. That's because people now hear that the good age is 16, the next generation will have it at 14 all the way until the age when the body isn't ready yet. IF we teach our kids to not do anything before the age of 18, they might consider doing it at 16 in secrecy: nobody harmed. If we tell them it's normal to have it at 16, they won't feel bad about it and tell their friends. Or even do it sooner because they're pushing the border, "16 is ok so 15 won't make much difference, right?"
ILoveChickens says2015-08-17T16:27:40.0108661Z
I think having sex at such a young age as 16 can really mess someone's life up if they forget a condom and have a baby because the magority of people at 16 aren't ready to make such a expensive and big commitment. I think they should wait until they are over 21 so they are mature and have a job, car, home, and a significant other that you really want to give all you secrets up to, give up your virginity, wanting to stop your life to take care of each other. I think people should just wait until they are completely sure they want to give up such a important part of their life. All I'm saying is… be careful if you want to give it all up.

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