• Decimating the world's population

  • Overpopulation

94% 17 votes
6% 1 votes
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Zoecri says2017-09-16T15:51:52.9099349Z
Theyre both bad
Nd2400 says2017-09-16T15:54:50.5363063Z
Yeah don't know how to pick one from the other, both our kind of equally bad.
ladiesman says2017-09-16T16:09:49.5196362Z
To Zobrist, wiping out a segment of the human population is preferable to overpopulation.
ladiesman says2017-09-19T22:50:59.8612473Z
@subdeo Overpopulation is not an imaginary issue.
Fettywapapa says2018-07-08T09:46:38.1136421Z
If you are basing this question on the movie Inferno, then you have this phrased totally wrong. The question should be if it is better to combat overpopulation by releasing a virus that causes a part of the human population to be infertile so that they can't physically have children.
ladiesman says2018-07-08T22:41:09.3799731Z
@Fettywapapa What I was asking was is it worse for the planet to be overpopulated or to combat overpopulation through a plague as Zobrist attempted to do in the film. Between those two, which is the greater evil? That's what I meant. In the novel, it was a sterilization virus, and in the film they changed it to a plague. Between those two, sterilization sounds more humane.

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