In your opinion which war object listed below is changed history most?

Posted by: ClashnBoom

23 Total Votes

Pen and Paper.

For peace treaties.
11 votes


For explosives, cannons and guns.
8 votes

The Blade.

For swords and knifes among other stuff.
3 votes

Marial Arts.

Hand to hand combat.
1 vote
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ClashnBoom says2015-04-13T04:13:05.1828956-05:00
Diqiucun_Cunmin says2015-04-13T04:34:55.4826571-05:00
3/4 of those were first invented in China (not counting the Egyptian and Mesopotamian paintings of martial arts), so it sure was a tough choice.
reece says2015-04-13T06:05:13.9418652-05:00
@CKLim pshh for pen and paper you can reach death note status.
ClashnBoom says2015-04-13T06:09:03.7276668-05:00
@Reece But with a blade you could reach Titan killer status and with that skill plus a genius mind and a white haired protegee you could kill the death note status guy.
reece says2015-04-13T06:22:41.5531366-05:00
@ClashnBoom death note is just for beginners. I'm a master, I've already reached god like status. Anything you write on it becomes true, anything at all.
ClashnBoom says2015-04-13T06:44:28.0940501-05:00
@Reece Even the gods themselves can't do that.
ClashnBoom says2015-04-13T09:30:28.0423473-05:00
Keep In mind not long ago only a few people knew how to speak multiple languages.
Mathgeekjoe says2015-04-13T10:19:30.6257105-05:00
"In your opinion which war object listed below is changed history most?" The mind, before human intelligences, wars were very different from they way there are with humans.
VladimirLeninIsCool says2015-04-13T18:28:39.2693363-05:00
What about Nukes?

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