Incest is good

Posted by: Abhay0029

I had sex with my married sister.

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Neither good, Nor bad

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She always want me to cum in pussy

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My sister is sexy dear

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Deus Vult

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anc2006 says2019-08-21T12:12:58.8542797Z
Sorry ma'am, But the answer 1 is called lesbian, Not incest. 2nd, You didn't specify if you are a girl.
anc2006 says2019-08-22T16:11:57.4039778Z
Just a reminder, Before I added the "no" option there are only "my sister is sexy dear" and "she always want me to cum in pussy" option. Pretty pathetic for a poll seeing both of the former option means practically the same thing.
Ulterno says2019-08-22T21:54:50.0594574Z
Looking at the text just below the title, I would say incest is not the main concern over here. Having sex with someone married to another person is something frowned upon. And in my opinion, It would be a bigger concern than incest. I would say -- Incest is a non-issue, But everything else related to the act matters. Whether or not both the parties are on the same page of understanding and who else they are creating a problem for in the act. I didn't touch the aspect of inbreeding depression, As creating babies knowing that they will have genetic defects down the line is just carelessness. [Please don't think of "carelessness" as a mild word. ] In case there are rules for commenting here, I didn't find them (checked FAQ).
anc2006 says2019-08-26T00:49:43.7003964Z
Incest shouldn't be illegal, But neither should it be advertised or suggested for the lot.
MyacronymissimplyCEE says2019-09-09T03:09:04.8630322Z
I was here "late in life", And both parents were their family's baby. So, I only know OLD as family (96% of 'em are dead, Now). And 2nd cousins don't count. You don't even need a blood test to marry one.

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