Include FTM and MTF Status On Official Medical Forms

Posted by: tonbouru

Include a FTM and MTF status on official medical forms to help provide better healthcare for the transgender population.

  • Yes, Include FTM and MTF Statuses on Medical Forms

  • No, Do Not Include FTM and MTF Statuses on Medical Forms

86% 6 votes
14% 1 votes
  • Of course, the person's current biological sex, amount and grade of hormone therapy drugs, how long they've been transitioning, and other such information would have to be included as well, but these are all things that are becoming more and more important as time passes, and we need to recognize transgender and transsexual people so that they can receive better treatment (both medically and socially).

  • For their own health it is important for doctors to know that there was a possibility they had surgical procedures and hormone therapy regarding a sex change.

  • Transgenders are messed up, or they just want attention. Dont give them ground by recognizing them.

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SNP1 says2014-05-14T10:46:55.4968130-05:00
This is a hard decision. I see how it could help people get better medical care, however it could also cause problems if you get a doctor that strongly opposes transsexuality. If people were not as discriminatory and bigoted it would be a yes, but since we have some VERY bigoted people in America I do not know.

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