Instead of Soldiers, World leaders should fight it out.

Posted by: Kreakin

  • Yes. It's their idea, let them slug it out!

  • No. We need an army so the rich stay safe!

50% 8 votes
50% 8 votes
  • I've always thought leaders should, well, lead. One should never make anybody do something that they would not. Though, I make an exception for Roosevelt, for clear reasons.

  • World Leaders are too weak to fight.

  • Come on. Is the other option REALLY realistic? anyway, all I'm saying is, don't start wars in the first place so you don't have to worry.

  • The latest warrior-warlord would win every time since he would always be the most deadly compared to Western lawyers. A small African nation would always rule the world. And you can forget about female leaders!

    Posted by: Skynet
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debate_power says2014-06-20T15:30:43.2031086-05:00
Wow, this is sooooooo biased.
debate_power says2014-06-20T16:04:40.6828942-05:00
ALL need to stay safe, the rich included. Do away with war and you do away with the real problem- violence itself.
travis18352 says2014-06-20T18:24:33.9036740-05:00
I would love to see a boxing match between obama and putin
Matt_L says2014-06-20T21:35:51.1024374-05:00
Politicians hide themselves away They only started the war Why should they go out to fight? They leave that role to the poor, yeah.
FOGlower says2014-06-21T19:52:48.3576883-05:00
It is human instinct to desire violence one way or another. Even when you don't even realize what you are doing is violent. We either have world leaders fight it out, soldiers fight it out, or sports. Also I agree with travis, I would love to see Obama, and Putin in a boxing match.
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-06-22T17:59:59.5772312-05:00
Putin would win, considering he was a KGB agent. I can agree, we find fun is destruction, but we can also seek fun in building. Examples are plays, stories, movies, and games. We can seek to chill our lust for destruction through non-violent ways as well, like writing, music, and playing games. In these games we have destruction, a lot of it. But it depends on the game. Entertainment can be destructive and productive. It all zooms in to how you look at it.

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