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Posted by: Oreo222

What will I do?

6 Total Votes

Go with Imabench

4 votes

Stay with the Family

2 votes
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reece says2015-05-29T15:36:54.2430215-05:00
Not read.
Mister_Man says2015-05-29T16:08:03.2363849-05:00
This is cool, I wish more people were inclined to read and vote on stuff like this, I'd want to narrate one of these too haha
eagleoftheeast says2015-05-29T19:54:33.9547226-05:00
I'm side with germans because they care for the environment
ashkan says2015-05-29T22:25:50.4591073-05:00
What if its a tie?
Oreo222 says2015-05-30T21:31:53.8933238-05:00
The time for voting is over with a 3-2 majority for "Go with Imabench." Here's Chapter 2:

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