Internet: good or bad?

Posted by: usainbolt

What is your opinion about the internet?

Poll closed on 1/1/2014 at 12:26AM.
  • The pros of the internet outweigh the cons

  • The cons of the internet outweigh the pros

97% 28 votes
3% 1 votes
  • You're out of this planet if you think it's bad.

    Posted by: leojm
  • There are many cons though.

  • The Internet is simply used... a lot. Almost everywhere there is Internet. It satisfies many people with good connection. I'm pretty sure everyone will get what they're looking for most of the time on the Internet. It is basically every info that someone needs.

    Posted by: yay842
  • With technology going the way it is we are only going to be able to find it on the Internet because in this day and age everyone is becoming lazy and no-one is going to bother writing anything down in books.

  • Ok, with internet: Games, emails, websites, infomation, fun, help, easyer ways of life. Without internet: It takes alot of money and?or time to deliver messages, Very difficult to find help and overall alot worse! 100% INTERNET!

  • I think it is good! But then I saw this wonderful sign that said I could be "the first!" so i chose this. Even though Internet is a good thing.....wait wha-*POSTED*

    Posted by: jj7m
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Nayana2000 says2014-05-22T14:03:31.4068774-05:00
Nothing is impossible in internet.
zoll says2016-01-13T19:45:35.0957489Z
zoll says2016-01-13T19:46:25.7492736Z
Every thing is possible
carolinesantas says2016-05-02T16:35:22.6135638Z
I know this is super ironic that I'm using the internet as a research source for a term paper. But there are so many reasons why the internet is corrupt and unhealthy for you. After 3 months of research I'm scared to log into my Facebook or my twitter because of the fear of internet addiction. Kids, like myself, use the internet for the opposite reason it was made (I play excessive amounts of Sims 3 and 4). The internet wasn't made for you to poke your crush over Facebook, the internet was made for research projects and storing NEEDED information. So, yes, I support the internet. But do I support what it is being used for? No. No I do not.
adesh.epixel says2017-06-08T10:54:25.5793864Z
The Internet , Good always.

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