• IPhone 5

  • Samsung Galaxy S4

50% 16 votes
50% 16 votes
  • iPhone is simple. Not to hard and complicated.

  • You used an old phony picture for the iPhone 5 (pun intended).

  • I tried an android for a while, but I felt like every time I turned it on, it looked different. My iPhone is simple and doesn't change appearance with every update, making transitioning much easier.

  • Iphone 5s is better because well for one iphone has face-time something that android doesn't have and face time connect with people who also have an apple product. 2. Iphone have more apps and easier to download and there are updates. For iphone to screen shot is the lock and home button together while android i have been trying fgure out how to screen shot for a while now.

  • Why Not?

  • Android is the bomb. Enough has been said.

  • More affordable.

  • Freaking Android for the win. I mean, iPhone is not innovating anymore. What's the difference between the 5 and the 5S? Oh, the 5S has a fingerprint sensor? And that justifies its $600 pricetag, right? NOPE. Meanwhile the S4 costs so much less, runs on a more innovative and open platform, and does so much more than any dumb iPhone. Only people that like Apple are those stupid people that talk like valley girls and must always follow the trend like a herd of stupid pigs.

  • F apple and there repeated every year product

  • Apple needs to innovate. Haven't done it in a while.

  • Samsung rocks.. Apple have been sleeping and samsung has zoomed past!! GET WITH THE TIMES AND GET A SAMSUNG

  • galaxy s 4 is way better than that booty iPhone no buts about it

  • Because my friends said and it's bigger and better music and not just one button BUT

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