• IPhone

  • Samsung galaxy

68% 17 votes
32% 8 votes
  • Less restrictions.

  • why is that because of the apps? no. I believe Samsung is best simply because of battery life. how good are your apps and calls and texts if your battery is dead after like 1-2 hours?

  • I think they are both really great phones, but I think I would chose Iphone simply because they are a little bit more user-friendly. However, I am definitely NOT going to buy Iphone now because I learned that they are trying to be more that a tech company and are donating a lot of money to election campaigns of democrats that support abortion, gay marriage, legalization of pot, and a whole lot of other crap that is bad for this country. So there you go Apple, you make great smartphones, but by overstepping your bounds as a tech company and supporting things that will eventually ruin this country, you have lost my business, and I'm not the only one. Samsung, on the other hand, simply makes great smartphones. While I might miss iOS, the Samsung Galaxy S6's better screen quality, better battery life, better camera quality, and better durability more that make up for it. Also, I won't have go to sleep at night knowing I bought a product from a company whom I did not support.

  • hahaha meanwhile the iPhones are still stuck with their LCD displays that aren't even 1080p!

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