IPhone vs Android

Posted by: doglover5779

Who will win? (hopefully android)

  • IPhone

  • Android

42% 43 votes
58% 59 votes
  • You can do more, and Siri is better, you also have iTunes, which is better than other music players, integrated on the phone.

    Posted by: Berend
  • overpriced but hands down superior quality, interface and finish

  • Apple has crammed a desktop into a phone. Android has put a brick in theirs.

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  • they are easier to navigate

  • yeah

  • iphones are 100% better than androids. Androids are absolute boo boo phones iphones have better technology and can take better pictures more efficiently. the only thing android MIGHT have on iphone is the app store, android has ore apps and thats about the only thing they have on us.

  • Chicken Salad

  • Look at the stats. Androids are good, yea but iphone is better. An iphone with jailbreak beats android by a million. In fact it puts it to shame. Its not hard to jailbreak, all you need is a computer, iphone charger, and a program to jailbreak than 'CLICK'. Your done. I have never seen a slow iphone in my life. Every andorid I have got my hands on has been awful or not that great. KNOW YOUR FACTS NEXT TIME YOU SPEAK OR DONT SPEAK AT ALL. Get out android. Your just mad because you dont have an iphone. #getout

  • Layout is better.

  • I like iOS, the design of the phone, and just the little things that make it better than a glitchy android.

  • iPhone succeeds Android in a lot of ways. Obviously, because the iPhone is easy to use, user intuitive, and is very compatible. Whereas the Android is confusing, too complex, overflowed with too many applications, and the opposite of user intuitive. The truth is, the iPhone is better. Better apps, better internet, better look, better usage. Who would like a phone that at first, is really difficult to understand then start to get the hang of it, or get a phone that's easy to use from the beginning? To make a long story short: iPhone, better. Android, crappy.

    Posted by: Dawurx
  • iOS is way way more stable and optimised.Especially in recent patches,the interface of iOS is really clean and nice.I like the app store and how nice it is,really.Android is downright ugly in some occasions

  • its better sorry

  • Because iPhone is better than any trash ass androidšŸ¤£

  • Android is da bomb!

  • Is this even a question? Cmon lol

  • It has gotta be Android because they are more customizable. Take Minecraft PE for example. On Android you can download maps and texture packs and mods. On Apple you just get to play the normal games. This goes for a TON more apps. Also it has better audio, visual, screen quality, and all that jazz. Android will always rule over Apple.

    Posted by: TK0805
  • Android is obviously better.

  • It's all down to opinion really. I just prefer Android over Apple.

  • iphones always freeze up and the androids dont have so many updates like iphone that mess everything up

  • Its easier to use and you don't get ripped off.

  • Android is open sourced and has less restrictions than Apple's iOS. What iOS features is good such as Siri and the new 3-D touch. Android -however - beats it. Android can be customized so much without root (which is the equivalent of a jailbreak for an iOS). To customize iOS like Android you must jailbreak it in order to theme it or even have widgets.

    Posted by: fceux
  • Iphones suck so bad they made your mama even cry

  • i feel you noah i had a iphone and hated it but then i got a android and loved it

  • I have had multiple iPhones and all of them breakdown like they all do. Since i got an Galaxy it has been working like a charm.

  • Much cheaper while Apple overprices their products as Android still has better specs and cheaper.

  • Android phones can be customized much more

    Posted by: Konsto
  • It's open source. There is a wide opportunity to learn and experiment.

  • Android provides us with more option and choice , and a nice letter from the developers - if flagship. The developers brings the community together with different devices and ideas, so it makes everyone feel that the device is worth buying as everyone is different and feels unique. This also leads to the developers knowing what people want as there is more devices with Android OS so the developers can make the ''Ultimate'' software for every device that runs android. However, Apple has a full control over the iPhone and whats necessary to run it at its best that's why only 1 GB of RAM is needed for an iPhone 5 to run smoothly, whilst a Samsung Note 5 needs 3 GB of RAM to run at a slightly faster speed. Furthermore Apple can set the prices they want as there is no competitor with no iOS device so the psychological promotion comes to use - ''Price = Equality'' which is not true but many think it is. What I think is that android lets you do most things with the phone if not everything, Google even allows you to be an Android Developer to tweak every bit from the software so feedback can be sent back to make the best they can, as on iPhones such wasteful things such as live photo for the newest version can be taken place and drench the battery for no reason as the Developers don,t have a specified image towards what the consumer wants

  • Apple is absolute garbage

  • Android is best when it comes talk text GPS internet search and etc. Sorry iphone just don't compare to easy to be hacked into.

  • It's better in many things. I have grown up with androids, Never touched an iphone. It's really easy to use, You can do many things that you cannot do with an iphone. And the things you can do with an iphone I don't think that they're so important as the android's. Android is better (with proof) at; Apps, Space, Checking the time, Take a photo/video, Typing, Notifications, Checking email, Getting directions, Contacts. It's obvious which wins, Is that even a question lol

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doglover5779 says2015-10-02T02:54:52.4111571Z
Android has updated technology. IPhones are just copy cats.
doglover5779 says2015-10-02T15:56:21.2586846Z
Polished screen, superior quality, better technology, : I give it to Android
TK0805 says2015-10-05T00:47:32.8283715Z
XD I saw someone who picked Apple say you can do more with an iPhone.
doglover5779 says2015-10-07T16:08:41.0689462Z
Not true
Mister_Man says2015-10-07T23:53:19.5735769Z
I don't really know how people can say iPhone is better. The ONLY thing that's "better" about the iPhone is that it's easier to use at first. But then with that comes limitations on what you can do with/to the phone.
doglover5779 says2015-10-08T13:54:53.6529923Z
Very true mister man
swagmouney248 says2015-10-09T02:41:08.3044503Z
Android OS gives smaller phone companies a chance, which means more ideas and means for more innovation
Skyscraper says2015-12-15T03:00:45.7871096Z
My wife won an ipad mini and i cursed at the setup . For tables and phones it is android all the way for me. Yahhh woot i get her Nexus 7 tablet .....Doing the happy dance. Going to mod it to look like something from steampunk
PrimeBlader says2020-02-20T09:34:04.6541932Z
Is Samsung an android Phne Again
rafael_br356 says2020-03-08T07:42:46.6576556Z
Android playstore almost all the apps are free! Apple store everthing has to bye >:(

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