Iran nuclear deal

Posted by: Mathgeekjoe

Unbias poll unlike TBR's "Iran nuclear deal poll"

  • You support the deal. Please give reasons why.

  • You are against the deal. Please give reason why.

44% 4 votes
56% 5 votes
  • We have to be seen to give people a chance to be reasonable before destroying their nuclear sites when they break the deal. They will likely not stick to it imho.

  • Better than fighting another senseless war.

  • It gives them a better chance at developing nuclear weapons

  • Giving nukes to our enemies? Are you serious??

  • I like that it reduces the chances of war, but I think stopping them from getting that weapon would mean less chance of war and this deal completely opposes that.

  • Iran i to big of a treat to just gibe them nucks they are our enemy not friend. Also we are allied with israle not iran so.....

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58539672 says2015-04-04T14:43:56.8950874-05:00
Aren't the negotiations still going on? How can you be in favor or against a deal if it hasn't even been established yet? Ill wait till they finish before I cast my vote.
Futurepresident2048 says2015-04-04T15:18:59.7172272-05:00
It is finished
tajshar2k says2015-04-04T18:52:48.4049590-05:00
With the 3.67% Iran can't build nuclear weapons right? So why do people think they will?
Kreakin says2015-04-05T15:20:35.9076484-05:00
Phase on is finished, the deal is due to be completed by June.
Kreakin says2015-04-05T15:20:45.0931708-05:00

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