Ironman vs batman

Posted by: KernGordon

The millionaire playboys of the comic world, Tony Stark better know as The Ironman and Bruce Wayne better none as the Batman

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Iron man

Adrian Petriw is the voice of Tony Stark in Iron Man: Armored Adventures.He was a charming, freewheeling genius, but TONY STARK's wealthy life of luxury came to an end the day he lost his father in a tragic accident. Now dependent on his own impress... ive technology for survival and dedicated to battling corruption as Iron Man, the once rebellious Tony must reconcile the pressures of his teenage life with his duties as a Super Hero. Thankfully, Tony has the support of his friends, Rhodey and Pepper, when saving the world - or attending high school - proves too treacherous to face alone   more
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KernGordon says2015-06-15T13:27:31.0050926-05:00
I absolutely hate the fact that you guys are being biased in this poll taking, I am asking you to actually consider the situation and come up with a proper decision whether you like the outcome or not, saying "It's clear that Batman wins! :)" or "He's Batman! Nuff said!" are not valid reasons and to see those as answers genuinely piss me off, so I gonna ask you to not give such nonsense for answers!!!! Thank you

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