• Buggatti better

  • Lamborghini better

51% 18 votes
49% 17 votes
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Preston says2014-07-15T10:35:55.4260986-05:00
C_Hickey says2014-07-28T15:33:45.8838172-05:00
That's not even a picture of a lambo...
tylar says2014-08-06T17:12:54.5103307-05:00
Goal man what car
tylar says2014-08-06T17:13:57.5507389-05:00
Go Volvo buggatti
jboehnerart says2014-09-07T14:12:01.3368059-05:00
By a top speed race, bugatti, by amount of money earned, lambo. Lambo has way better design and sales, but bugatti loses money each time one is sold and it higher on the list of speed and technology. Overall, it really just doesn't matter.
DebateSmith says2014-09-13T18:18:10.1428065-05:00
Why is a La Ferrari the photo for the lamborghini?
abecker388 says2014-09-25T16:51:24.9078157-05:00

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