Is a person who doesn't want a transgender woman (who clearly looks like a man) in their bathrom a bigot?

Posted by: SegBeg

  • Yes. They are a bigot

  • No. They're not a bigot

13% 3 votes
87% 20 votes
  • There has to be some bigotry involved if you're not letting them use your bathroom. Well, unless there's some unknown factor involved like them breaking into your house or your toilet not working. If that's the case, the question itself is bigoted

    Posted by: reece
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cyber_onions says2017-01-12T09:22:51.5853133Z
I think questions like this obscure some of the real issues. The whole 'trans woman who clearly looks like a man' thing is ridiculous. Trans people feel themselves to be of the opposite gender to their birth sex, so naturally many of them adopt a look typical to that of the gender they identify with, e.g. trans women often grow their hair long and wear very feminine outfits. And, you know, they usually have boobs and stuff. I guarantee that this poster has seen numerous trans woman and not realised that they were trans. The flip side to this question is, of course, would you feel comfortable with a trans woman who looks very obviously like a woman watching you at the urinals? How would you feel having a woman in the men's bathroom?
cyber_onions says2017-01-12T09:27:34.6473133Z
And what about trans men? Will they be forced to use the women's bathrooms? If you're a woman and you want trans women to use the men's rooms, you better be prepared to have big, beefy, bearded trans men in the women's rooms with you.

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