Is Abortion Evil?

Posted by: pozessed

I'm asking about unnecessary deaths of fetuses. I.E: a woman who wasn't raped and can afford to have the child physically, mentally, and finacially, she also could easily put the child up for adoption. Would her action to proceed with an abortion be evil to you?

  • Yes abortion can be evil and I would never reccomend one for unjustifiable reasons.

  • No abortions are always good for anyone who wants one.

51% 24 votes
49% 23 votes
  • How sickening. :/

    Posted by: leojm
  • Duh. You're just a plain fool if you believe life and personhood doesn't begin at conception.

  • If there is a crime scene and someone finds blood on the ground, the forensics people (or whoever) would probably check to see if it is a human's blood. How will they know? Because human DNA is different than regular animal cells, or whatever isn't an "actual human being." These fetuses who deserve a chance to live are human, because they have their own DNA, and therefore are even a separate human being. For anyone to say that they aren't is ridiculous, because American law doesn't say that people who are mentally challenged and can't talk are not humans, just because they don't act like regular "humans." And besides, although the point of abortion is for rape or if the mother is in danger, the reality is, a TREMENDOUS majority of abortions happen not because of this, but really depressions reasons like not having enough money to raise a child (that they can just put up for adoption, to be loved by another family that does want them to exist), or careless people having sex and not being responsible.

  • Abortion is killing.

  • Abortion is taking away a childs right to become who they are meant to be. Honestly, abortion is evil, and if you cant see how killing an unborn infant is wrong, then you need to get your head out of your arse and take a good new look at the world, you freaking hitlers. No child should be put to death because its "Inconvienent for you to have a baby".

  • It's evil

  • When a person chooses to have sex with someone, they should not be able to use abortion as a get out of jail free card. There are many other options like adoption. There are so many families who would kill for that precious baby. Abortion is murder, from the moment that baby is conceived, it is a growing living thing. How is it fair that on one floor of a hospital, a baby is born to a loving family, but on another floor a child dies because the parent is to selfish to let that baby live. Since when did these people decide they were God and could decide who lives and who dies? Why are we letting these "doctors" play God? A doctors job is to heal sick people and save lives, how does killing the next generation qualify someone as being a doctor? Imagine what each child who was aborted could have done if they lived? They could have been artists, athletes, doctors, or anything they wanted to be. But instead they had that taken away from them, they never got the chance to take their first breath or go to college. Its called responsibility, if you are stupid enough to get pregnant then you have to face the consequences, its your responsibility to have that baby and give it to a loving family, since when did you get the right to murder a child? No matter what you tell yourself its MURDER, plain and simple.

  • Abortion would be evil if it was murder, since its not murder, i would not consider it evil. The fetus is still not technically a human being, so its not murder only if the child is an actual human being. Also, it is up to the mother to decide the fetus's fate. Then it would be up to the mother's decision. Abortion would be evil or not based upon the mother's reason for decision for abortion.

    Posted by: yay842
  • its the persons right to choose weather to keep a baby or not. its only the parents job, it should not be illegal to terminate your own child. life only begins once the baby comes out.

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yay842 says2013-09-10T21:07:39.1903263-05:00
I've seen this topic on abortion so many times already. There is a couple in opinions, in debates, in the forums, and a whole lot more in the poll section. Probably because of the seriousness and the high disagreement of this topic.
pozessed says2013-09-10T21:46:15.2892435-05:00
@Yay, yep. I think I should have asked my question differently though. I won't because this topic is beat to death.
Skeptikitten says2013-09-11T21:23:02.9232752-05:00
This is a gigantic false dichotomy.

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